Upcycled Soda Bottle Zippered Pencil Case!




Introduction: Upcycled Soda Bottle Zippered Pencil Case!

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Upcycled Soda Bottle Zippered Pencil Case!

Make a statement with this fabulous Zippered pencil case...

made from recycled soda/water bottles!

I used mine for schools supplies...but this could work for anything! Add straps and make it a bag...fill with homemade lunch, Fill with small gifts and candy for a present...anything you can think of!

Step 1: Supplies!

You will need the bottoms of 2 soda bottles...same size.

I used 2 Liter bottles. Also...you will need a zipper, hot glue/gun and a small piece of felt!

Cut them at desired height and wash thoroughly.

I cut my tall one at 4" and the short is 2 1/4"...Make sure they are as tall as the things you want to put inside...like pencils, pens or markers!

Best way to do it...cut the bottle way higher than desired height and taper down gradually.

Once it is cut all around, it's easier to be precise with the measurement.

Step 2: Zipper--fit to Size!

You'll need a colored zipper...bright colors give it a pop!

Measure the zipper to fit around the circumference of the bottle.

Cut off the "stopper" end of the zipper to length.

Use hot glue and secure some felt on the end of the zipper.

This will keep the zipper from coming off the rails completely, and

it helps make the head of the zipper look pretty...you'll see.

Step 3: Hot Glue Zipper!

Using Hot glue, just glue that zipper right around the bottle.
Not too close to the zipper track, because the zipper

head needs space to work properly.

leave the felt edge unglued for now.

Unzip the zipper.
Run some hot glue along the zipper and roll the other

bottle bottom right along the edge!

Now make sure that the felt fits in place, trim if necessary.
Hot glue it in place to cover the zipper ends.

Inside view is last picture!

Step 4: Fill and Enjoy!

Fill with adorable office supplies!

Mine's a perfect fit for Poppin' pens and colorful Sharpies!

I've had some questions about the durability of the "hot glued zipper"!

Here's the thing. I made this more than a year before I posted it online. It gets unzipped regularly and the hot glue has never had a problem. I haven't had to fix or repair a thing! So there! Upcycling at it's best!

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nicely done girl

You could use fabric fuse tape its a double side tape use for hemming and can be found in walmart or micheals. Its about 3.50 ( I think). This could work as alternative to the hot glue it comes in 1/4 and 5/8 width.

I am having trouble attaching the zipper to the plastic. I used a hot glue gun. It melted the edge of the plastic and curled up in a hard lipped-edge. I could not attach the zipper.

2 replies

Hmm, are you using a low heat glue gun. That is the best for working with plastic. :)


3 years ago

Love that you recycled! ty for posting this

This looks very similar to a camera lens case, is that what inspired you? Looks good as a pencil case as well.

That looks awesome :) ! I like the way you've re-used Plastic bottles and zipper ! Voted


3 years ago

OK - I'm impressed! I've been trying my best to come up with a good way of up-cycling all the awesome plastic bottles we have.... The Holy Grail would be getting some sort of "snap-tight" enclosure for plastic bottles (while retaining a wide-mouth opening). You have done FINE WORK. Thanks for sharing. :)

2 replies

I bet there would be a way to use copper foil tape or aluminum flashing to give the rim enough support to anchor some sort of snapping connection. just a thought...

Me too...I feel so guilty when I just trash something that could be useful in another way! (and there's no recycling centers where I live) If you think of any other great bottle upcycles, let me know! ;)

sooo cute and super creative!!! and it's no sew, which means i am making it!!! thank you natalie!

Great zipper project -- just voted for it! Thanks for sharing. Clever use of hot glue -- I'll have to keep that in mind when trying to attach zippers to plastic objects.

1 reply

Very nice!

Regarding hot glue, I find myself using it more and more for non-crafty, work shop applications. It really is useful stuff!

1 reply

Yes, I know! I grew up thinking Hot Glue was the equivalent of cheating! I have changed my attitude and use it for nearly everything! I love it--I am constantly surprising myself at all the things it can do! :)

I thought about sewing...but I am always looking for ways to cut out time. Hot glue worked so well...even I was surprised! :) I love yours, they look like baskets!