Upcycling an Old Ladder to a Shoe Rack!





Introduction: Upcycling an Old Ladder to a Shoe Rack!

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen the amazing things done with old ladders on pinterest! My favorite of all time was an old ladder shoe rack and I just happened to have an old ladder myself! It was Grandpa’s and was used out here on the farm for many decades before being hung up on the side of the old garage where it hung for years upon years, just waiting for retirement. I never have the heart to part with anything I can make use out of and, from day one upon seeing this ladder, I tucked it away for just this purpose in our master bedroom closet! I knew it would make a fantastic ladder shoe rack for all of my high heels and, not to mention, beautiful throws and scarfs that I keep collecting… Ok, maybe “hoarding” would be another way of putting it, but I love them! And, I’m certain, one day I will wear them all at some point… You can see at the top of the ladder it still holds that AMAZING old hardware. You can’t really see it in the pictures but one of the rungs on the ladder was actually broken off one side and, initially, I had planned to make my cut to remove that so all of the rungs would be really stable. However, after making my measurements, I realized I would have to cut the top off the ladder to remove the broken rung and, thus, lose that beautiful old hardware. So, that was a no go!

So, I cut the bottom off of the ladder and I was left with a mini ladder with four rungs that will definitely be finding another purpose somewhere in our home! I love the dark gray of the wood, I love the old paint spills probably from when Grandpa painted the barn or the house decades ago! When I made the cuts to remove the bottom portion of the ladder, I cut them at an angle with my jig saw so it would stand and lean better. I also put felt stickers on the bottom to protect our hardwood floors from our new ladder shoe rack.

Step 1: Once Cut Off I Just Leaned It Up Against the Wall in My Closet!

I had the perfect spot in our master bedroom closet for the ladder, tucked in the corner across from my white tufted leather hassock and right beside the door to our bathroom. I started digging and found all of my high heels and pretty throws that have been in storage for three years! I do believe I am do for a time to dress up all pretty and wear those high heels! As a ladder shoe rack I can’t believe how well it works! I was actually disappointed to realize that I had purged all but five pairs of heels from my collection when we moved two years ago. I might be a bit of a hoarder but, when it comes to things I won’t use, I’m just the opposite, if its going to be in a bin in storage for ten years without my ever looking at it, touching it, or needing it, I’m going to donate it. Which is what I did with what must have been at least a dozen pairs of high heels that I never wore. I did not, however, get rid of a single scarf or throw and I am so glad I didn’t! Now I have a beautiful place to hang all of them and shoe them off with the few high heels I have left! The old hardware at the top of the ladder was perfect for dangling several of my pretty throws. And all of the rungs (even the broken one!) supported the rest of my scarfs, throws and shoes with no problem!

I can’t believe just how much use that can be had out of an old ladder! I wish I had a couple more of them because I would definitely put one in our living room as a blanket rack! Thanks for stopping by guys and please consider sharing our ladder shoe rack – every share and visit helps keep our little farm running and helps me with future projects too!



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    Good idea! though one may need to sand or refinish the rungs used for scarves and throws to prevent snagging.

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    For sure! This ladder is definitely a little rough in some places (the rungs were smooth though from years of use) and I had to be careful with my scarves so they didn't snag.