Upgrade Led Flashlight for Fun




recycling old cell phone

For fun

Applying for other diY

Difficulty : 2/5

time : ~1hours

Step 1: Shopping List

1 "Cheap" flishlight arround ~5euro

1 Micro usb TP4056 5V 1A li-ion battery charging module 2~3 euro

1 old Li-on battery

few cable, Glue gun,

soldering iron

Step 2:

soldering battery speedly

first 1 tin drop on cell

2° welding wire

assembly to board wire+ on + and - on -

fix board with 2 solid copper wire

to through Plastic Flashligth

Step 3: Finish Assembly

soldering other side

Add "plastic" glue gun on all welding

Step 4: Finish Test

Plug usb

Charging good, red ligth

Finish , Blue Led

The light is more stronger and better

Battery life is more longer (better)

It's possible to change the original charging intensity on board.

Change the resistor on pin2

change the value of resistor to increase 200 at 1000mA (see on google search)

Add Ntc sensor to pin 1 for control température of cell.

Step 5: Improve My English ;p



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    2 years ago

    don't worry about your English. Half the English or Americans don't speak better than you. in this article it is your technical knowledge that is important which is not lacking.

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