Use a Bottle Top to Make a Vertical Cell Phone Stand



I use my cell phone for a lot of things. I need to hear the Timer go off especially. In my routine, missing it is DOOM! ... I needed a vertical stand to get the speaker and face up in the air. ... BUT ... I'm cheap and like to make my stuff if possible. So I used a wide lid from a plastic bottle. ... You'll see the tools in the photos. The top had double walls. I marked the size on the outer sides with a marker. I made the big cuts with a hack saw blade and trimmed out the rest with diagonal cutters and toe nail clippers. I cleaned up the burrs with a pocket knife. It is very stable when charging. ... WARNING: The plastic will CRACK! I ruined my first try by being too aggressive and trying to take too much with the 'dikes '. Learn from my mistake, please.

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