Use Premium Spotify Account on Two Devices




Introduction: Use Premium Spotify Account on Two Devices

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If you have a premium spotify account you know that you only can use it on one device at a time. Which is annoying because it was intended to be a family account. Anytime one person plays a song while the account is active on another device the song on the other device just stops without a message and tends to confuse people. So this intractable will inform you how to use your spotify premium account on an iphone without interrupting. Please use this responsibly as it's ethically questionable.

- iphone with ios 7 or later
- alternatively an android in which you can turn off data for select apps
- spotify app

To use your spotify account on two devices the spotify server can not know one of the devices is in use so we will take it offline. To be able to enjoy music while offline you must make a playlist and make it "available offline."  I have two playlists offline. 

Go into your settings go to cellular for iphone turn off cellular data for spotify. slide up the menu from the bottom of the screen and turn off your wifi. I don't know the process for androids or if its doable.

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    5 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago

    I have a premium account and 2 wifi devices and control them both from a tablet. How can play the same music on both devices simultaneously? I'd like to be able to move between the rooms the 2 devices are located and hear the same streamed radio station.


    2 years ago

    just create another account and follow each other to listen to the same music. if you want a premium on both device, add the non premium account to the family of premium account and enjoy the premium on both devices.


    4 years ago

    THANKS SO MUCH! It's been a treat to listen to it without listen to my sisters Music! ???


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Alternatively, you could just put Spotify into offline mode through Spotify's own settings. Why do everything the long way round?