Vélo-Pélican is an open-source graft system, converting any bike into a small delivery tricyle.

- It adapts to all bikes thanks to a universal attachment system on the fork.

-It's manoeuvrable and stable thanks to its two front wheels assisting the steering.

-It has a flexible basket whose capacity is adjustable, according to the objects that one needs to carry.

-It is easy to mount yourself and open-source, it consists of standard parts and rudimentary assemblies.



Step 1: Actual Plans/3d NOT WORKING

Hello guys!

For the moment the graft system doesn't work, so we need of help of the community :)

The problem is the location of the basket relative to the wheels, impossible to carry heavy loads at the moment.

NOT WORKING V1_Vélo-Pélican.skp

Step 2: SOLUTION 1




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    This looks really cool. Do you have any pictures of the actual assembly process.