Do you have a lot of old VHS ?!? You don't know what to do with?!?!? Maybe you can do the same, a VHS DECORATION LAMP. This is better to use these old tapes than to put it in the trash . I will show you how to do...

(If you want to use your tapes again, don't do this instructable)

Step 1: Materials

For this first step, I show you what you need :

- 5 old tapes.

- 5 meters of leds, with 4 connectors and a transformer. (If you can have a remonte control to change the colors, it's perfect !)

- a knife.

- scissors.

- a screwdriver.

- a drill .

- dissolving agent (the same your wife use to take off her makeup) with cotton.

( there is some glue on the picture, but you don't need it)

Step 2: Clean the Tapes

If like me you have stickers on the tapes, you have to clean it, to have a beautiful lamp.

To begin, I take off the maximum with my hands. After I use the dissolving agent to clean the rest. The tape is like a new one !

Step 3: Open the Tape

You have 5 screws in the back of the tape. Take off these screws with the screwdriver, and you can open the tape by the front (this is better).

Step 4: Prepare the First Tape

Ok, first take off both rings. Take off the piece of metal on the first picture, we don't need it. Take off too all the plastic pieces, like on the third picture.

When everything is out, you have to cut some parts, to have more space to put the leds. For the first tape, you have to cut on the back of the tape, this is a way for the power. Follow the pictures...

Step 5: Put the Leds on the First Tape

When everything is prepared, you can put the leds on the back of the tape, like on the pictures.

Cut the leds on the marker, and clips the connector.

Now, you can put the rings, and leave the connecteur on the top.

Step 6: Close the First Tape

Drill the front of the tape, in the middle.

The hole is ugly, I agree. Be careful, the plastic is very delicate.

Ok, so clips the front of the tape on the back, and screw it. If you can't clips, look inside the tape. Maybe the connector is on the way, or maybe you have to cut more plastic.

Step 7: The Second Tape

This is quite similar with the first one. Just, you don't have to cut for the power, you have to leave all the connectors in the middle, and you have to drill the back of the tape, to have a way for the connector of the first tape.

You have two connectors. One to link with the first tape, and the second to link with the next tape. Try your work with the power to control if everything is ok. If it doesn't work, for sure you have a problem with the connector. Try to link on the other side.

Step 8: Repeat

Repeat the last step until the fourth tape included.

Step 9: The Last One, the Fifth.

On the last one, you have only one connector to link with the last tape. And you don't have to drill the front of the tape.

Step 10: Done !!!

The job is over, enjoy your new lamp !!!

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    10 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Honestly cannot see any use for this. But darn it, I want one anyway!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I agree, there is no use ! Only decoration !

    Corey T.W

    2 years ago

    This is a cool idea. I'd like to try and do a wall-mountable version.

    1 reply
    zoltenCorey T.W

    Reply 2 years ago

    Don't do it, I was thinking about it !!! Haha for sure, do it and show me the result !


    2 years ago

    Welcome to Instructables! Clever use of VHS!

    1 reply