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Introduction: Valentines Flip Card

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This is our Instructables Club's second 'ible. Enjoy.

We came up with  this project in honor of Valentines Day and to enter the Valentines Contest. The kids are really excited and we are looking forward to coming up with an idea for the Game.Life contest as well.

This idea was based on a birthday card we found. It was really neat in design and we really liked the interactiveness of the flipping card.

Here we will tell you how to make your own card and share some of our designs with you.

Step 1: Getting Started

To get started you must gather your supplies:

print the template
exacto knife
cardboard or phone book (for leaning on when cutting with exacto)
pencils and coloring stuff like markers and crayons

Step 2: Make the Card Work

1.First, get your template in front of you and cut on the outter black lines to remove the excess paper.
You should now have a long thinner rectangle.

2. Sit your template on a piece of cardboard or a phone book and CAREFULLY cut on the inner black lines with the exacto knife. Do not cut the colored lines or any place without lines.
You should now have a long thinnish rectangle with a smaller rectangle shape cut out in the middle but still attached on 2 sides.

3. Mountain fold on the red lines. This means fold the paper so the folded edge is up like a mountain.

4. Valley fold on the blue lines. This means fold the paper so the folded edge is down like a valley.

Step 3: Decorate

Now for the fun part: Decorate!

Step 4: The Gallery

We have:

Jordan's Valentines/Mardi Gras combo card

Ajahn's Valentines card for his Mom

Curtis'  You make my heart swell card (I like the idea so much I made one myself!)

The last two are Ms. Megan's.

There you have a little slice of our awesomeness! We hope you enjoyed our project and share yours with us if you make too!

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