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Crocus & Clover are our vision for the future of mobility for people.

Crocus is a pedal powered, electric motor assisted vehicle. It has got a very low drag coefficient due to its airodynamic shape and it is very light though its made of carbon composites for the body and heat treated aluminium for the chassis. Chasis dimensions and angles of the wheels are carefully engineered by taking into account of the camber, caster, toe-in & out and Akerman steering compensation properties necessary for such vehicle to have good handling at speeds. 20" front and 26" rear wheels are also disc shaped for better aerodynamics. Crocus has got a very comfortable sitting position for the rider and protects him/her from the outside elements like rain & sun etc. There is also a hatch cover and it is possible to ride with or without the hatch cover. There is only a small hole for the head on the hatck cover. Without the hatch, the upper body is exposed to outside, for warmer days without rain. 

When not in use, the hatch cover can be stored under the hood by using  small locks inside which secure it in place. There is also a small headreast present as for comfort and against small collisions from the rear of the vehicle. There is LED lighting at the front & rear, along with signals & mirrors. The bike can run on one standard Li-Po 48V-15Ah e-bike battery pack, but there is space at the front and rear for 4 battery packs in total. The packs charged by the charging station ( Clover ) can be carried in these spaces. When installed, battery packs are automatically connected to the vehicle's electric system via durable electrical connections and can extend the range up to 200 kilometers for intercity fun rides or velomobile rallies. Upper half of carbon-fiber body can be rolled open to the side for first assembly and later service. The seat can be removed for cleaning or replacing the fabric worn in time. Front wheels can be serviced easily   from sides and the back wheel from below by lifting the already light vehicle. Crocus carries the colors and lines of the Salsonica. Firm logo is also present at the front and on both mirrors of the vehicle.

Clover is a housing and charging station for the Crocus and up to 3 other bikes or e-bikes. It can charge 4 stand-alone batteries at once on charging ports and / or 4 e-bikes via cables. By using the cables Clover can also be connected to mains power and supply energy back to the system to reduce electric bills when all the batteries are full and no energy for charging is necessary. When not in use, it can be folded nearly flat and stored in a suitable place. Clover body can be made of fiberglass or metal sheets. Solar roof can be made of plexyglass or polycarbonate sheets for aesthethics, surrounded by an aluminium profile for protection from small collisions. Solar cells are sandwitched between plexyglass or polycarbonate layers for protection from the elements. Roof angle can be adjusted by changing the position of a small carrier arm which supports it. This adjustment gives roof panels to better match the angle of the sun which changes according to the location of the product over the globe. Clover can also house the bikes for winter in a totally covered environment. There is a semi-transparent tarp made of UV resistant flexible material at the edges of the roof which is normally rolled up into the roof side rails and not visible from a distance but can be unrolled down to give the bikes a better protection from the rain sun etc. It is comprised of different sections connected to each other by Velcro and when open, can be slided aside like a curtain to access stored bikes easily. The back side of Clover is like a ladder and there are hooks & holders to hang bikes from their front wheels. Up to 3 ordinary bicycles or e-bikes can be hung by their front wheels at the back for storage and charging, occupying minimal space. The hooks can be lowered to obtain a normal, near-flat level bike park.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    It's a really interesting concept I must admit, and I'm rather enticed by the fact that I'll have some storage room with me while I'm on the go too!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I know that some people were using wheelchair hubs for large axles on the tadpole trikes. They could be laced into twenty inch wheels. Good work on those designs!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    They're are three wheel bicycles on the inside. Two in the front. One in the back.

    They are covered in a fiberglass shell to protect you from the weather.

    They also have the option of being electrically powered.

    This means you basically have a car that does not need gas, insurance, plates, stickers, and license.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Mr. Hobbyman,
    Is this design yours? It's quite inspired... always good to see a convergence of cultural ideas brought together in an artistic, creatively- engineered concept. Now do you have plans to move this to reality?! As an Instructable, were you planning to advise on it's construction? Lol -Fine showcase. I have been recently introduced to the velomobile culture & have a few friends that own them (here in Connecticut, USA) and these things are regarded like moon landers in neighborhoods where they've never trekked! I accompanied a "pod" of velos (correct term.. like dolphins, Lol) on a 60 mile trip to the center of the state & back on my recumbent bike. I've good stamina, but there's nothing like the wind-swept aerodynamics of a velomobile slicing through the air like a buttered.... dolphin.

    Keep us posted!

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    hello, thanks for the nice comment. This year, I've worked on a simpler and better velomobile chassis design and it doesn't have a shell over it yet. But i plan to build the chassis in 2014. Unfortunately some key parts are hard to find in my country. like the front hubs with larger axles. I'll start after i figure out a cheap way to get them.
    In the meantime i'm working on making bicycle accesories, light etc. you can follow my latest works on Best regards.