Very Cheap DIY Kinetic Watch Winder




After buying my second Seiko Kinetic watch, i needed a way to charge it without shaking the crap out of it or spending $100 plus for a winder. After seeing others make winders, I made one even cheaper and much, much easier. Look at the picture and you can see how to make it. It is a crappy picture from my phone, sorry. Just used a pan head bolt with a wind nut on the underside to keep the carboard still. Place a mild rubberband around trigger and voila, easy and damn near free. You have to gauge the speed and not spin too fast or it won't wind.

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    Couldn't you just wear it? My Seiko was issued in the Vietnam War and it winds itself just fine from walking around.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I used a Honda Accord wiper motor with wiper arms to wind my Seiko Kinetic watches. It is rather bulky but it charges my kinetics in a few hours. I got the wiper motor and wiper arms on eBay motors. The total expenditure was about $25. I used a View Sonic 12 Volts power supply to power the wiper motor.


    Incase anyone is thinking about using a cordless drill to wind up your old watch because the date is way out or something like that. I would suggest to not do it. the watch tends not to work afterwards. especially if you're young and don't have patience and deside to hold the trigger all the way in.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I was just happy to get this posted. My first one so I will ask for forgiveness.