Vice Clean Up - Record No.3

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Clean up of an old Record No.3 vice.

I inherited an old vice, it's seen some use but tools like this are good for several lifetimes. For me it needed a clean and a fresh coat of paint.


  • Wire brush
  • Paint scraper
  • Paint stripper
  • Wire wheels for power drill - Amazon link
  • Blue paint - I used Hammerite Smooth blue, it's close to the original Amazon link


  • Replacement jaws - Record ones are a bit pricey, I've not found a nice set yet so reused the original for the moment.
  • Soft jaws - These are great for what I need Amazon link
  • New spring - Not yet found a good place for these, reused the original in the short term.
  • I also applied some fresh grease during the reassembly, I had some general purpose grease to hand similar to - Amazon link.

Step 1: Disassembly


There's a split pin through the screw, holding the washer and spring in place. I used a little nail head to tap it out. It's not shown in the video but it took some WD40 and a couple of goes to get it moving, it had been there many years.

Screw and nut:

There's a ~5mm diameter pin holding the nut in place, I tapped it out using a big nail. Once the nut is free it can be slid out of the body. The whole slide should come free and the nut can be unwound from the screw.

I started cleaning before disassembly. If/when I do another I'll disassemble first as it makes it much easier to get in and around everything.

Step 2: Clean Up

I stared with a wire brush and scraper, this was optimistic, the wire wheels on a power drill were much better suited to remove dirt and loose paint.

Once the worst was off I could see the original paint was in a bad way so got some paint stripper to remove this, once the stripper had started to dissolve the paint I could scrape it off.

Not in the video, I gave everything a good wash in soapy water then a rinse to remove the soap. If there was any paint stripper solution left in the corners the new paint wouldn't go down very well.

Step 3: Paint

I used a Hammerite direct to rust blue paint. I hadn't used it before but it went on great with no primer. I did 3 coats, leaving each to dry for about 20 minutes until it was no longer tacky. Then left the final coat a good hour or so to be sure it was well dry.

I enjoy spray painting and the results are usually passable.

Things to remember:

  • Mix the paint well before you start, especially if it's not a new can, poor mixing/shaking will give spatters.
  • The can should never stop moving when you are spraying. Never!
  • I go 'off' the ends, don't stop and change direction over the object or you risk a puddle.
  • Multiple light coats are much better, paint puddling will lead to runs.
  • If you get poor coverage on an area do another coat later.
  • If you are indoor make sure it's well ventilated.
  • If you are outdoor be aware you will get dust and invertebrates on to your wet surfaces.
  • If there's paint left over make sure you clean the nozzle... in-fact clean it anyway it's always handy to have spares!

Step 4: Reassemble

I couldn't get the slider in with the nut on the screw, this may not be the case for all makes of vice.

This is about 8:30 in the video.

For the No.3 Record:

  • Insert slide into the body.
  • Insert screw into slide.
  • Thread nut onto screw.
  • Seat the nut in the body and secure with the pin.
  • Secure the spring and washer by the sliding jaw with a split pin.

I think the result is not bad. Now I need to build a workbench!



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