Vulcanus V1 (2016 Rework) MGN12 Linear Slide Update - CoreXY 3D Printer

Introduction: Vulcanus V1 (2016 Rework) MGN12 Linear Slide Update - CoreXY 3D Printer

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I really like the Vulcanus V1 design by Vulcaman - you can find his instructable here:

But I had some problems when building a complete enclosure for the printer - the carriage for the x-axis (the part that moves along the y-axis) was rubbing on my enclouser and after about 3 months failed. So I desided to make my own design / upgrade for the Vulcanus V1 with some MGN12 rails I had laying around.

My design uses the z-stage and frame of the Vulcanus V1 (2016 Rework) but the x-y-stage is completly changed and runs on MGN12 rails. Also I made the design to perfectly fit the E3D V6, E3D Titan and an auto bed leveling probe (inductive sensor).

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Step 1: Parts List

First you'll need a Vulcanus V1 - or the parts Vulcaman lists here

The complete x/y-stage of the printer will be replaced by this upgrade. Also you have to replace the mount for the z-axis' smooth rods - to motor mount stays the same. Honestly: I think the motor mount for the z axis is the only part that's the same as in the standard Vulcanus.

Depending on your motor-length you may loose two of the 2020 aluminium extrusion profiles. But the frame is still rigid enough without them.

For the upgrade you'll need following parts:


1x MGN12 rail with carriage (12H) - 315mm long (x-axis)
2x MGN12 rail with carriage (12H) - 400mm long (y-axis)
2x 4020 aluminium extrusion - 400 mm long
1x 2020 aluminium extrusion - 354 mm long
6x M4x35mm screw
6x M4 hex nuts
2x M3x30mm screw
9x M3x10mm screw (at least - to fit MGN12 to aluminium extrusion)
9x M3 T-slot nut(at least - to fit MGN12 to aluminium extrusion)
some corner brackets (for aluminium extrusion), T-slot nuts, M3, M4, M5 screws and nuts - If you have the parts from the Vulcanus they should be enough

1x E3D Titan
1x E3D V6
1x LJ12A3-4-Z/BX (inductive probe)

Printed parts

Most printed parts will be needed once, except the "000 x-carriage GT2 mount", "001 z-axis mount 2020" and "001 z-axis mount" which are needed 4 times and "001 z-axis mount 4020" is needed 8 times.

Step 2: Disassembly

First you have to disassemble your Vulcanus x and y stage. You also have to loosen the upper and lower parts of the z-axis holder. I used very cheap rods for my build, so I used this opportunity to replace them. For the x/y disassembly you have to remove your side covers (if you have some). Then remove the belts, unscrew the motor mounts and belt idlers. Now you should be able to remove the complete x/y-stage. Then you have to unscrew the top part of the z-axis and remove the 2020 aluminium extrusion profiles on which they where mounted (they'll be replaced with the 4020 aluminium extrusion). You also have to remove the top 2020 extrusion profiles (the one above the y-axis) an the smooth rods oder the z axis.

Step 3: Assembly

Now you can start to assemble the MGN12-parts. First you need to install the deflection pulleys on the x/y idlers and the y-carriage. Use the spacers to get the appropiate...spacing. Put the 400 mm Long MGN12 rails on the inner top side of the 4020 extrusion. Don't forget to put on the MGN12 carriages befor mounten gut the rail - you won't be able to add them later. Mount your Nema17 motors for xy-movement to the Motor mount.

Now mount the x/y idlers and the motor mounts to the frame.

Start assembling the x-axis. Put Tel M3 hexnuts in the bottom of the x-carriage to tighten the belts Lager. You can add the belts spacers now and screws them into place. You can mount the E3D Titan, E3DV6 and inductive Probe the x carriage now or afterwards.

Screw the x-carriage onto the remaining MGN12 carriage, slide the carriage onto the rail and mount the rail to the 354mm long aluminium extrusion. Add the y-carriages in both ends of the x-axis assembly - do not tighten it firmly, you may have to make slight adjustments later.

Put the x-axis Info place and screw the y-carriages onto the MGN12 carriages.

Now mount the new z-axis using the new parts.

At last you have to route the belt through, wire everything up and start printing.

Step 4: Notes on Firmware Adjustment

You have to make the following adjustments:

- x axis homes to max

- y axis homes to max

- z axis homes to min

- ABL has to bei setup

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