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Introduction: Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

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I've always liked the idea of a wall mounted Christmas tree, especially because I live in a small apartment where floor space is at a premium. But most of the ones I've seen mounted on walls don't tend to look like real Christmas trees, which is what I wanted. So I came up with this idea to use pine garland to make a more traditional looking wall mounted Christmas tree. It's so easy to put up and I especially love the fact that there's no chance that my cat will topple it over, win-win!

Step 1: Supplies

I used 3 pine garlands, each 9 ft long and 1 package of Glue Dots Flexible hang tabs to make the tree. I made a video of how I made the tree but I'll walk through the steps of how I made it here as well.

Step 2: Draw the Tree Outline

I drew the outline of the tree with painters tape, and I made the base 3 ft wide.

Step 3: Attach the Garland to the Wall

I used flexible hang tabsto hang the garlands, starting with the outline first, and then filling in the inside, fluffing up the garland to fill in the space.

Step 4: Decorate the Tree

I decorated the tree just like you would a regular Christmas tree, with lights and ornaments. For the trunk, I used a scrap piece of 2"x3" and stained it. And I also made a rustic box with shimms and scrap wood to have a place to put presents.

Step 5: Taking the Tree Down

The flexible hang tabs are easily removable and won't damage the wall so the tree is easy to take down and store without taking up much space.



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    14 Discussions

    Brilliant Idea for those who love Christmas and don't have enough room and money. :D

    1 reply

    What an awesome idea!

    I know a few people who could use this as they have small rooms and spaces! Including me

    Thank you for sharing!

    1 reply

    Great idea! Another variation would be to make something to go in a corner of a room. Like a corner cone shape or wedge and then decorate as usual. :)

    1 reply

    Wonderful Idea! I wish I would have known about it years ago.

    1 reply

    This is a great idea! I've been worried about where we were going to put the tree as well, lol.

    1 reply

    this does open up a lot of possibilities, lol!