Introduction: WeatherStation1.0

This Intel Edison Weather Station is meant to be a home weather station that you can place anywhere and have it read the current surrounding that display them back on an LCD display.

IDE: Eclipse

Language: Java

Introduction to project video:

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Step 1: Step 1: Parts List


This Intel Edison Weather Station is an all-in-one device. It uses many sensors that are readily available on the market see the parts list below:

Parts (versions listed below were the version available as of writing this article):

1 Intel Edison board

1 Grove base shield

1 Grove-LCD RGB Backlight v4.0

1 Grove Button v1.1

1 Grove LED Socket Kit v1.3 - RED

1 Grove LED Socket Kit v1.3 - GREEN

1 Grove LED Socket Kit v1.3 - BLUE

1 Grove Temperature Sensor v1.2

1 Grove Light Sensor v1.1

1 Grove Air Quality Sensor v1.3

Step 2: Step 2: Flashing the Intel Edison Board

You will need to update the firmware on your Intel Edison board. The instructions for this may be found at:

Step 3: Step 3: Assembly

TIP: Look on the back of each of your sensor for names:

First plug the grove base shield into the Intel Edison board. The you may begin plugging the sensors into the base shield. Look on the base shield for identifiers such as A0 and D4. These will be used for placement below:

A0 - Grove Temperature Sensor v1.2

A1 - Grove Light Sensor v1.1

A2 - Grove Air Quality Sensor v1.3

A3 - Available

UART - Available

D2 - Grove LED Socket Kit v1.3 - BLUE

D3 - Grove LED Socket Kit v1.3 - GREEN

D4 - Grove LED Socket Kit v1.3 - RED

D5 - Grove Button v1.1

D6 thru D8 - Available

I2C - (Under D5) Grove-LCD RGB Backlight v4.0

I2C - (Other positions) - Available

Step 4: Step 4: Code

Download the following project:

at the

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    Great project. There must have been a glitch earlier. Some of the information wasn't showing up on the page.