Wedding Balloon Weights

Introduction: Wedding Balloon Weights

How to make nice looking helium balloon weights for nearly half the price of the 'normal' foil ones.

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Step 1: What You Need...

4x Cheap 1kg bags of rice (£0.40 each @ Asda)
2x 10 Pack Cotton favour bags with strings (£5.00 /10 pack @ Hobbycraft) or make your own...

Step 2: Make Weights...

Place a bag in a cup to keep it upright, then tip the rice into the bag - but not too full so that you can tie them shut tightly. Then tie (very tightly) shut with the hessian string. Simple!

Step 3: Voila!

20 Weights made this way only cost 58p each, as opposed to £1 or more each for the foil ones in the shops! I think these are much nicer and easier to adapt to your colour theme by using coloured string/ribbon etc...

You could also personalise these with your initials using a Sharpie pen

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