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Is your workout area cluttered with your weights, are you lacking a weight rack to hold all of your weights to keep things organized, I know I was. I was tired of my weights being all over the garage floor and un-organized, and I didn't want to go and buy an expensive weight rack! In this instructable I will show you how to build a cheap and affordable weight rack that will hold and organize bench press weights, and dumbbells.

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Step 1: The Materials

  • 2 2x6's
  • 1 3/4inch 11" by 43" scrap sheet of plywood
  • screws

Step 2: Creating the Base

I started out by cutting out 2 40inch long 2x6s to make the bottom rail. I then cut out 4 22inch long out of the 2x6s to create the bottom legs. I laid the 40 inch pieces out long ways and marked in 13 inches from each side so id know where to place the two inner 2x6s. I did that on both of the 40 inch long 2x6s. I then took one of the 40 inch long pieces and another 22inch long 2x6 and lined it up vertically with the edge of the 40 inch long 2x6 and screwed it in, I then lined the inner two 2x6s with the edge of the line I drew earlier and screwed those two in, Next i screwed the last 22 inch 2x6 flush with the other side of the 40 inch 2x6. I then flipped it over and placed the 40 inch 2x6 on top of the other 22inch 2x6s and screwed it in, lining the inner two up with the lines we drew earlier, and the outside 2 flush with the edge of the 40 inch 2x6. I stood it up straight and figured that when I out a lot of weight on it, it might not be to stable. So I took the scrap 2x6 I had left over and used it as leg stabilizers and just scored them on to the ends to help stabilize it. I also cut 45 degree angles off of the corners to give it more of a decorative look.

Step 3: Creating the Dumbbell Rack (Top)

I needed a top for my weight rack and I wanted to find a way to incorporate that with the top. The best way i could think of to do this was to use a scrap sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and screwing it to the base and sitting the dumbbells on top of that. I cut the sheet of 3x4 inch plywood down to 11" x 43" and that created the top piece. I wanted to find a way to keep the dumbbells from getting knocked off so I took some scrap pieces pieces of wood that were 1" x 1" and cut out pieces that were 11" long and used finish nails to the nail them flush on the ends of the plywood. I later went back and screwed them in from the back to give it extra support. I then cut out two 41" long pieces. I took on piece an measured in 3" from the side and place the 41" long piece flush withe the line and went back and screwed it in from the back, I then did the same for the other 41" piece on the other side. When you are done with that you are ready to center it on the base of the weight rack and screw it in place. I screwed it through the plywood down into the 2x6 legs. Now your weight rack is complete!

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Tip 14 days ago

Home Depot cut the wood to the length I wanted it for me. Women can build too! Was easy to assemble and make my own.

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8 weeks ago

Hello. I’m french and I would like to know the conversion in meters and cm for the wood. Thx


3 years ago

Thanks man, great work! I used yours as a inspiration to mine.

1 reply

Reply 8 months ago

I love this one, do you have some rough measurements i can work with?


3 years ago

Nice. I will try and make a smaller one and later spray it with some sort of colour


3 years ago

Neat job! Thanks for sharing


3 years ago

Thanks for this, will make a great gift for my son! He uses the same type of weights. I may see if I can reduce the size to hold my smaller weights, mainly hand held but do have a few of the smaller bar weights, I don't use a weight bench, no space to keep one.