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Introduction: Wendy House Fit for a Princess!

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I've had these photos for couple of years on a flash drive and I've finally got round to loading them up.

Before I start, If anybody hasn't had much experience with wood work i suggest you have a look at the wood work class on Instructables, its very good.

I had an old shed that I liberated from an army of razor toothed mice, after reclaiming what was rightfully mine I decided I didn't want it anyway, so we ripped it down and with lots of help from my Brother and Dad we built a Wendy house (and a little storage room) for my Daughter.

We have lots of steel delivered to work which comes in with tons of 3"x3"x7' posts on the trucks, so the frame was made from that, its not perfect but its free so we made it work.

The tools used were all the usual suspects, hand saw, clamps, circular saws, hammers, sanders, planes, drills, tapes and levels et cetera et cetera........ the only tool that I would point out was a gas powered nail gun that my Brother recommend we hire. It was used to fit the shiplap cladding and I think it saved us a couple days of work.

Step 1: The Base and Walls

We started by building the base in two parts, sitting it in its final position on bricks and fixing the two parts together. Then we laid some rough planks down as floor boards. Next we assembled the rear wall frame and clad it with shiplap, trimmed off the over hanging boards and lifted it into place. Although it was crazy heavy we thought this was easier than trying to squeeze in between the fence and the frame to clad it once it was in place.

Step 2: Fixing the Walls Into Place

We built the frames up for the remaining walls and lifted them into place. You can see that as we built the frames we fixed in the frames for the windows. Once in place and fixed down, we clad the walls using the gas powered nail gun. They are noisy buggers so make sure to pop on a pair of ear defenders ad modelled by Holly the joiner dog!

Step 3: The Roof

We set the height of the roof and knocked up a series of rafters until we came to the jaunty angled door. When i planned the wendy house I thought " ohhh yeah a fancy angled door will look really cool and unique". It does now its finished, but sorting out how to fix the rafters was a ****ing pain in the ****. It took a whole day up.

But it was worth it.

When we had the rafters sorted we covered it in marine OSB and called it a night.

Step 4: Felting the Roof and Fitting the Doors and Windows

My uncle is a roofer and he kindly worked his roofy magic for us. I cant tell you what he did or how he did it but its still dry inside so what ever h did was very good. He left us to trim off the excess felt, which we did with a hook blade in a stanley knife

To make the doors we laid the shiplap out on the ground and then screwed the braces in place. I got some toughend glass and we pinned it in place and fitted beading all around the edges.

After a lick of paint it was starting to take shape

Step 5: The Interior and the Coolest Window Ever

My brother asked his friend at a local double glazing supplier to fill the window we had made for above the door with small coloured beads. apart from them settling a little and leaving a gap at the top we were really happy with it, it looks great at night when the lights are on inside!

We fitted the partition for the storage area and boarded the interior walls and roof with 3mm ply in the wendy house side. we also fixed a few pieces of the 3x3" ready to fit the bunk bed.I fitted an off cut of carpet from our house to hide the rough floor board planks.

I also ran some electrics over from my other shed, i a feed for sockets and lights in the storage room and wendy house. I had an old lamp with three spot lights on it that I stripped down and re purposed for inside the wendy house side (one pointing straight at the coloured window.

Step 6: The Bunk Bed and Furnishings

We fitted a sheet of 18mm ply to the top of the bunk and carpetted that too. I stained the roof and painted the walls

I planned out a set of spindles and a banister as shown in the sketch and fitted it to th bunk to make it a little safer.

My dad made a set of steel steps for the bunk, and my sister in law made a set of curtains and some bedding for the bunk.

I got an old picture frame, a sheet of 3mm ply and some black board paint and made a cool little chalk board for the wall. We laid a slab on top of a few decorative bricks for a step and it was done!

A few years on and its still like new and we even sleep out in it!

Thanks for reading!

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    4 years ago

    Well that is awesome!! What a cute place for your little girl.


    Reply 4 years ago

    thank you, it always goes down well with her friends.


    4 years ago

    Fantastic! When she gets older that is sure to be one of her fondest memories as a child.


    Reply 4 years ago

    when she gets older it will be converted to a sauna! ha ha! thank you.