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Introduction: What Is Your Color Undertone

Have you ever gone to the makeup counter and have been told you have a cool undertone, a neutral or a warm undertone? Secretly wondering what the heck are they talking about while they are applying your eyeshadow?

Well your Skin Beauty Fairy is coming to the rescue with the help of my Estie Bestie Crew ( we are in esthetician school)!! We will give you a few tricks to be able to help you determine your undertone and what colors are complimentary to that pretty little face of yours.

I will first start with the introductions please say hello to Erika, Natalee, Khin, Briyana, Alex, Camille and Kassie my Estie Besties. They will be lending their skin undertones to help you!

Step 1: What Is Your Color Undertone?

Skin undertones are the colors that lie beneath the skin. Undertones are the colors that cast a shadow beneath your skin color. The shadow has a distinct color which never changes. For example when you tan you get darker or in the winter months you get a little more pale, your skin color changes but your undertone will never change.

Knowing your undertone will help determine the right skin foundation, what colors are more complimentary to you, and help give you a glow! Below are the differences between cool, warm and neutral undertones.


-Your wrist veins appear blue/purple in natural light

- Your complexion is naturally pale with rosy cheeks

- Skin has a slight pink, red, or blue appearance

- Silver/platinum jewelry and jewel tones look best on you

-You burn easily in the sun

-Your eye color is usually grey, blue or green

-Your hair color is usually blonde, brown, or black

-Colors that flatter you are black, navy, red, hot pink, deep greens, plums and soft, pastel colors.

- Celebrities that have a cool undertone: Amy Adams, Lucy Liu, Courtney Cox, Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox


-Your veins appear green or olive in natural light

-Your complexion is usually golden and you have a bronze hue

-Skin has a slight yellow or peach appearance

-Gold jewelry and earth colored stone stones work best on you

-You get a golden brown tan when you spend time in the sun

-Your eye color is usually hazel or brown

-Your hair color is usually brown, red, black, strawberry blonde

-Colors that flatter you are earth colors like greens, gold, browns, bronze and soft colors like coral, peach, yellow.

-Celebrities that have a warm undertone: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, Rihanna


-Your veins appear blue-green in natural light

-Skin doesn't appear either yellow/gold/peach or


-Both silver and gold jewelry look great on you

-You tend to tan easily

-Your eye color and hair color vary

-You are lucky enough that all the colors flatter you

- Neutral undertones is a blend of both cool and warm

-Celebrities that have a neutral undertone: Victoria Beckham, Kelly Clarkson, Drew Barrymore, Madonna

***Also when you are choosing foundation you may see your undertones and you can also have a combination:

C= cool, N= neutral, W= warm, NC= neutral cool and NW= neutral warm.

Step 2: Check Your Veins

In natural light turn your wrist around and check to see what color are your veins. Remember if your veins are mostly blue your undertone is cool, if your veins are mostly green your undertone is warm and if you have both blue and green veins you are neutral.

Step 3: We Love Jewelry and Your Undertone Does Too!

Think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewelry. Usually cool undertones look better in silver and platinum metals, and warm undertones women look better in gold. The neutral undertones look great in every metal - lucky you!

Step 4: Pull Your Hair Back and Put on a White T-shirt (even Though We Have Black Shirts On)

Pull your hair back away from your face put on a white t-shirt. Yes a white t-shirt, we were in school and cannot wear white but I thought you would like the pictures)Your face should be freshly cleansed. The white t-shirt will reflect the true undertone in your skin. If your face looks more yellow, you’re warm. If your skin has a blue tone you’re cool. If your face appears to have both pink and yellow tones or it doesn’t appear to have any tones, you have a neutral undertone. Test for undertones in natural or incandescent light.

Step 5: Think of All Those Compliments

Did you wear a beautiful yellow dress and heads couldn't stop turning, or a cute green top that your friends told you that it was your color and made your eyes pop? Well believe them, look in your closet and see what colors dominate usually we gravitate towards our undertones

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