Who's at My Door? PIR Motion Sensor/Range Sensor Project

Our project is aimed to sense motion via PIR and distance sensors.

The Arduino code will output a visual and audio signal to tell the user someone is near.

The MATLAB code will send am email signal to alert the user that someone is near.

This device could potentially help let someone with a task as simple as letting them know when someone is at their front door, to letting them know how far an intruder is from their house in the middle of the night when visitors are unwelcome.

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Step 1: Parts/Materials

1. Breadboard

2. PIR Motion Sensor

3. LED

4. Piezo Speaker

5. Ultrasonic Distance Finder

6. Arduino Board

7. Arduino Program & Computer

8. Female & Male Wiring/Connections

Step 2: Connecting Parts

Utilize the diagram to ensure you've connected the hardware appropriately.

Step 3: Programming the Arduino

Check out the pictures of the code to see how this will work.

If needed, a .ino file can be downloaded.

Step 4: Configuring WiFi

Finally, here is the finished code.

It will send you an email every time it senses motion! We are working on a way to get it to only send one initial email but have not managed to do so yet. (Any help on this would be appreciated!)

Check out this really great tutorial on how to get the email coding to work!


Step 5: BONUS: 3D Printed Model

We used our device on a model apartment; the model was 3D printed using SolidWorks software.

We used this to attach the sensors but you can easily use any other type of model. We opted for 3D printing to further our experience/skills in additive manufacturing.

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    1 year ago

    Pretty cool idea, thank you for sharing!