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I was in my yard recently when I realized that our hanging bird house had become a hanging bee house. It was so wonderful to see that a colony of bumble bees had made their home at our home. We couldn't keep the hive where it was, but I had a local beekeeper take the whole bee house to a nearby apiary.

Right after, I saw the bee contest come up and really wanted to do something beeish. Since I make jewelry and live near lots of wineries, these super easy recycled wine cork bee earrings seemed perfect. And I love how the cork texture brings out the bee fuzziness!

Tie these bee earrings onto a jar of local honey for an awesome gift : )

Step 1: What You Need

Old wine corks (each cork makes 1-2 pairs)

Bee rubber stamp

Permanent ink stamp pad

22 gauge eye pins

Earring wires (I like surgical steel)

Yellow acrylic paint (optional)

Serrated knife

Sand paper

Dust rag

Step 2: Cut the Cork

Use a sharp serrated knife to cut slices of cork. About 6mm is a good width.

Step 3: Sand the Cork

Lay a piece of medium sand paper on a flat surface. Sand the surfaces of your slices by moving them around the paper in large circles. Remember to sand both sides. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth.

Step 4: Stamp the Bees

Use a rubber stamp and permanent black ink to stamp bees onto the cork. Stamp both sides.

Step 5: Add Hardware

Cut the end off a 22 gauge eye pin at an angle with wire cutters. This makes a pointy end to stick in the cork. Cut it short enough that the end won't poke through the other side.

Stick the eye pin firmly in one edge of the cork as far as it will go and add an ear wire to the loop.

Step 6: Finish Your Bees

Accent with waterproof yellow paint.

I like the rustic look, but you can add a varnish if you want.

Have fun!



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    Cyd Vicious

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I made my mother a pair of earrings using your 'ible, but with dragonflies instead of bees. She loved them! Would you have a problem with me selling cork jewelry locally using your technique?

    4 replies

    Glad to hear it! Send a pic if you've got one. Have fun selling them as long as your local isn't the same as my local : )
    I'm in the SF Bay Area.

    I'd love to hear how it goes. What you charge, what your locals like, etc. (People by me love grapes and wine - I haven't sold a single bee yet.)

    And THANK YOU for checking in about selling from my ible! I really appreciate it.

    I had my mom send me a photo, so I accept no responsibility for the quality of it ;) There is a blue bead at the top of each, and I pushed a pin through the entire piece and bent my own eye at the top. That way they can swivel on the pin if she wants a different image facing out (they are stamped on both sides).

    I'm in GA, so I think we're far enough apart, haha! If I do sell any, I'll pop back in and let you know what I was able to get for them. I'm not sure yet what people like here, although we do have a small local winery. I'd love to see if they'd sell some pieces for me.

    You're very welcome, I felt like it was only right to ask. Have a great day, and thanks for the permission!


    Thank you! It's very sunshiny here in northern California - I hope it's nice and shiny where you are too!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever Rhonda. I like the design. Keep on shining!


    This is the bee house. (I meant to put it in with the instruct able.) The inside is filled with fluff, like pillow stuffing, from the birds that lived there before. And now bumble bees. If you tap the house, they buzz like crazy.

    bee house.jpg