Wine Rack for a Bottle and 2 Cups Out of Pallet




I've been thinking about building a small wine rack for a while, and after I made the wine rack for 16 bottles for my syster, I realized that any project related to wine is more than welcome by viewers.

So.. The cold is finally arriving where I live. And in order to fully enjoy this small season, I've decided to get to work and again create something from nothing but pallet wood and a few tools.

Portuguese version available at


Circular saw

Jig Saw


Orbital Sander

1/2" Flat drill bit

Hole saw


A small Pallet

Wood glue

80 grit sand paper

My total spending on this project was exactly U$0,00.

Step 1: Select and Dismantle

Select the pallet that you want to use for your project and begin to dismantle it.

I've found that a rubber hammer is pretty good for the work, because it not only achieve the same result as a regular hammer, but it also doesn't leave any marks after hiting the wood.

Use a crow bar or a regular hammer to remove the nails from the boards.

Step 2: Back Panel

Select 3 boards for the back panel. Try to choose the boards that the sides are as straight as possible so the glue will have a good contact surface.

Mark 60cm on each board.

Sand the sides slightly just so the wood can adhere more to the other.

Use plenty of wood glue and spread it with your fingers or whatever you have around, and use clamps to hold the pieces togheter.

If you don't have big clamps, you can use staples so the joints can be as tight as possible.

Don't worry about the looking. After everything is done the marks from the staples will be removed.

Step 3: Cutting the Cups Support

While the back panel dries, start building the cups support.

Measure the width of the back panel and cut 2 pieces with the same measurements.

Step 4: Drilling Holes for the Cups

In one of the boards that you cut previsouly measure the middle of the width and trace a line, do the same for the height.

By doing that you'll be splitting the wood in 2 exact pieces. Measure the middle of each piece and drill a hole with the 1/2" flat drill bit.

After that trace 2 lines from the edges of the hole to the edge of the wood and cut it out with a Jig Saw.

Cut also 2 spacers with 3cm of height.

Step 5: Sanding and Gluing

Sand all pieces from the cups support and use wood glue and clamps to glue everything togheter.

Step 6: Bottle Holder

For the piece that will hold the bottle, cut one of the board's ends with the circular saw with a 45º angle. Measure 28cm from this end and cut again with 45º angle but in the opposite direction (it will look something like this /____\).

Step 7: Bottle Hole

Still on the bottle holder piece, measure 9,5cm from one end of the board and use the hole saw to drill. You can choose between drilling it with a 90º angle from the board to the drill or with an angle.

Remember that the hole saw needs to be a little bit bigger than the bottleneck's.

Sand the inside of the hole.

Step 8: Dry Fit and Cutting Back Panel

Use the circular saw to do your last cut of the project.

Cut where you marked the 60cm on the back panel.

Dry fit everything and check if it goes as expected.

Step 9: Final Gluing

Glue everything togheter. Use screws from the back of the back panel to fasten everything.

Step 10: Finishing

Apply 2 coats of polyurethane based varnish and let it dry for atleast 24 hours.

After that hang it on the wall and enjoy your piece of art.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I forgot to explain any steps.

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1 year ago

What method do you use to fasten the project to the wall? I love this project but i didnt see any thing about hanging it on a wall correctly. Thanx

1 reply

3 years ago


Great idea! One question though : is the structure strong enough to hold a full bottle? Or does it have to be half full to the most or something like that??


1 reply

3 years ago

hi, sorry to ask as i am just building my diy kit and never used a hole saw. what size hole is drilled for the bottle please. can`t wait to build this as it will make some great christmas presents. regards and thanks

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

I've made free standing wine holders that will balance when you put the bottle in the wood, and the hole I made for those are 1-1/2 inch


3 years ago

Tried with two bottle


3 years ago

what color varnish did you use?


3 years ago on Introduction

Nice work. I just made one but tweaked the angle on the wine bottle holder to make it stand straighter so everything is within the piece, I'm weird like


4 years ago

Christmas gift for my mom, a wine lover. Thanks for instructions, turned out great!

2 replies

4 years ago

Finished mine today. Staining and varnishing tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

2014 18:16.jpg

4 years ago

Excellent idea. Great beginning project or if you only have a few boards laying around.


5 years ago on Introduction

I am in the process of getting metal to build something to pull pallets apart and I'd love to learn to build things that I can make and be sold to support myself. This is very nice and might be one of my first creations. Thanks for the info!

4 replies

I'm glad to help! If you need some ideas for your tool, this video was my inspiration to build mine -

Hope it helps you as well!

I'm going to be building a pallet pry bar with help from someone on instrucables. His page is here . My problem is I'm trying to find the metal to build it because it's not sold in stores. He's been helping me find where to buy it. That person you bought it from wants a lot of money that I just don't have right now but it was nice to see his video of how it works.