Make a Wire Dispenser From a Recycled Bottle

Introduction: Make a Wire Dispenser From a Recycled Bottle

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Here is a quick and simple shop idea for storing jumbles of wire using a recycled bottle.

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Step 1: Stuff to Find

All you need for this project is a plastic bottle that has enough capacity for the jumble of wire you would like to organize, and a utility knife.

Step 2: Make the Dispenser

Begin by cutting the bottom off of your bottle.

Next drill a hole large enough for the wire to pass through freely in the cap. You can use your knife as a drill by twisting the point of the blade back and forth slowly while applying a slight pressure.

Pierce a small hole somewhere near the top of the dispenser so you can hang it up on a nail in your workshop later. It should hook on the nail as you may want to reload it one day.

Now you can load up your wire for convenient dispensing. You do this by passing one end down through the hole in the cap and then winding it around the inside of the bottle. Once you are all wound up, you can hang it up and use it. Just tug out some wire and snip. No more mess or tangles.

If you are making one for small wire, as I was, hot glue a milk bag cutter on the bottom and have a built in cutter! Awesome.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You obviously haven't seen any of my jumbles of wire. I only have 3 acres so I don't think I've enough room to do this!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It'd take a few cans and they'd all have to be 55 gallon drums at that.