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Introduction: Wire Wrapping a Spoon

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Wire wrapping silverware is a great way to add color to your silverware when you are entertaining.  This can be done just on your serving pieces or all of the silverware.  It even makes a great gift giving idea!

Items needed:

Spoon  or other silverware of your choice.
Wire - I used 20 gauge silver plated wire.
Beads - Any of your choice that have holes large enough for the wire to fit through.
Needle Nose Pliers / Tools to make swirls in the wire (optional)

Let the fun begin!

Step 1: Begin

After you have cut a piece of wire to wrap your spoon with, turn the back of the spoon looking at you.  Place a straight piece of wire against the back of the spoon.  

Step 2: Begin to Wrap

Once the wire is in place, begin to wrap around 2-3 times where the curved part of the spoon meets the stem.

Step 3: Add Beads

I like to add beads just to the front of the spoon, but you can rotate and add to the back as well.  Add your first bead here.  Adjust it so that it fits nicely across the front of the spoon.  Once in place wrap at least 2-3 times and add the next bead.

Step 4: Securing the Wire

Once you have added all of the beads that you want, I turn the spoon over and run the excess wire down the back of the spoon, bringing the wire back up and running it back down a few times.  Wrapping it around the back wire like this will help secure the wire.

Step 5: Finish

Once you have completed wrapping the wire around a few of the wires in the back, I bring the wire back up and wrap it around the top of the spoon again.  At this point I would cut off the excess wire, leaving about 1/2" to 1" of wire remaining.  Once you reach this point, you can take one of your tools and make little swirls out of the wire for additional decor, or tuck the wires in under the wrapped wire.  Use the needle nose pliers to flatten any sharp wires sticking out.

Now your spoon is ready to be used.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    This is very pretty. We learned to secure the wire to the spoon using a bit of epoxy. Ov course that makes it permanent. :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really hard. Can you make this for me?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It is really easier than it looks...Don't be afraid to give it a try!!