Wireless Solar Charger




Introduction: Wireless Solar Charger

Every student knows the struggle of finding an outlet to charge their phone. This daily struggle of ours motivated us to find a creative solution. We wanted to create a charging device that did not require an outlet in any circumstance and also had a futuristic touch to it. This led to the creation of our Wireless Solar Powered Charger, a neat little device that utilizes the power of the sun to satisfy all our cellular charging needs.

Step 1: Parts, Supplies, Tools


  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • 3D printer
  • Filament
  • Wire Cutter and Stripper
  • Heat Shrink


If you look closely, you will notice that in some our pictures we have a different wireless charging coil and receiver. But due to a flimsy design and erratic connection we decided to upgrade to a more robust wireless charging kit by laniakea. If you want a to check out the previous coil and receiver, the links are here and here.

Step 2: Circuit and Soldering

1. Solder together a 1N904 diode and wire together (repeat step again for 2 wires)

2. Solder the 1N904 wire to the positive side of the solar panel.

3. take a battery pack and solder the two leads to the 2 1N904 wires that are connected to the solar panel. (Make Sure the Positive is connected to the positive, and negative is connected to the negative.)

4. Solder on the 5v USB charging circuit to the positive and negative leads from the battery pack.

P.S Use a multimeter to check the voltages and current and see if the led on the usb charging circuit lights up.

Step 3: 3D Printing

We had to create a nice little enclosure for the wireless charger, so what better way to make one than using a 3D printer. Instead of trying to find an online design, we decided to challenge ourselves and design our own enclosure. I have attached the IPT file if you guys want to use or edit our design. Feel free to create your own enclosure. It can be a fun experience. We used a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer with PLA filament.

The Settings:

  • Extruder 215 Celsius
  • 2 shells
  • 15 percent infill
  • layer height of .15

Step 4: Final Assembly

1. Hot glue the edges of the solar panel to base of the enclosure. We need it to stay in place.

2. Use a ziptie to tie some wires together. This conserves space and reduces cable clutter.

3. Place the battery pack and the rest of the circuit onto the back of the solar panel and into the enclosure.

4. Finally connect the wireless charging pad to the usb charging circuit using a micro usb cable.

5. Place the charging pad on top of everything.

Congratulations. You have made your own wireless charging pod.

Keep in mind you must have the wireless receiver connected to your phone to actually charge your phone. Also turn the battery pack on or off depending on whether you are charging or not.

Step 5: Random Pictures and Dedication

We dedicate this awesome project to our beautiful teacher Ms.Berbawy for guiding us in the process of making.If you want to learn more about our Robotics class check out berbawy.com/makers .

Thank You,

Kathirvel Gounder

Shobhit Asthana

Mehtab Randhawa

Kireeti Jana



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    7 months ago

    does it work in any smart phones?

    i want to install a LCD display that can display how many percent energy left or remain in solar wireless charger . its that possible ? and i also want to put a function that solar wireless charger can charge in outlet. its that possible ?

    thank you for helping me :)

    have a nice day

    good instructable. but to make it better you should post a circuit schematic for easier understanding of your device

    How can I contact you for some questions?

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    2 years ago

    very nice

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