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Turn a basic thrift store blazer (or one of your own) into an Alice In Wonderland inspired outfit for Valentine's Day.

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Step 1: See Exactly How to Make It Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Black and white striped fabric

Sewing machine

Thrift store blazer

Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints (Flamingo Pink and Cotton ball)

DecoArt Glamour Dust

E-6000 Fabri-Fuse

2 yards pink ribbon

Sequin trim


Step 3: Here's How

1. & 2. Trace a large heart on the center of the jacket back and paint it white

3. When dry, edge with Fabri-Fuse and glue on sequin trim

4. Fill in with DecoArt Glamour Dust to add some sparkle

5. Draw two small hearts on the front hem and paint white and then pink

6. Paint with Glamour Dust and then glue sequin trim around the edges

7. Cut two pieces of striped fabric that are 31" x 8"

8. & 9. Stitch the 8" sides to create two tubes

10. Hem one side of each tube by turning 1/4" twice

11. Gather the raw edge of each tube by pushing the fabric under the presser foot

12. Pin the gathered edge to the end of the cuff as shown and stitch around using 1/2" seam allowance

13. Cut 4 pieces of 30" x 3" fabric strips

14. & 15. Hem each side by turning the edges 1/4" twice

16. Gather the hemmed strips under the presser foot while stitching down the center to create ruffles

17. & 18. Glue around the collar with Fabri-Fuse and then pin in place while the ruffles dry

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