Wood Shop Safety and Basic Use Class - I Made It at Techshop, Chandler




I took the Wood shop SBU at Techshop, Chandler Arizona and had a lot of fun. The class focuses on safety but we also operate the table saw, compound miter saw, drill press and disk sander to make a small shelf. I added a couple steps after class and laser etched the " I made it at Techshop" and then stained the shelf with Minwax water based stain. 

As a person that got a "C" in Jr High wood shop class , It definitely helped my SHELF ESTEEM. Yep, I said it.

If you like making things, definitely have a look at http://techshop.ws/ 

If there isn't a Techshop near you yet, send them an email and tell your friends to email them. I can't believe my luck that they opened one here. I'd have to win an awfully big lottery to have all the tools and support that are available to me at Techshop. And now after I eventually win that lottery, I can spend all the money on airplanes and cars.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks pretty. Will you be posting instructions for us to duplicate what you learned?