Wood Guitar Stand (MGS)

Introduction: Wood Guitar Stand (MGS)

Hello everyone!
Me and my girlfriend wanted to make a special gift for the birthday of one of our best friends, so we have made the MGS (Miriam's Guitar Stand).

to make this gift even more special, after having designed and built we decided to provide it to Miriam as a kit, and to create this instructable as a guide to assemble the gift!

so ... if you are reading Miriam ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

for everyone else, we hope you enjoy this instructable and will be useful

Step 1: Materials and Tools


the materials that are used for this project are:

• 2X2 cm square wood, 3 meters are sufficient
• Pipe insulation foam, large enough to insert the wood, we used one meter.
• screws


• meter (or ruler)
• cutter
• hand saw
• screwdriver
• sandpaper

Step 2: Cut the Wood

First you have to cut the wood at the right dimension, we have made this pieces

• 5 pieces of 10 cm length (yes, in the photo there are only 4...the fifth was made after the phot :D)
• 1 piece of 15 cm length.
• 4 pieces of 20 cm length.
• 2 pieces of 30 cm length.
• 1 piece of 75 cm length.

Step 3: Cut the Foam

the foam's pipe have to be cutter in this parts.

• 2 pieces of 9 cm length.
• 1 piece of 30 cm length.
• 2 pieces of 19 cm length.*
• 1 piece of 4,5 cm length.
• 1 piece of 6.5 cm length.**

**Please note that the piece long 6,5 cm have a particular cut of a part of the circumference at one side.

*Also the two pieces long 19 cm have a particular cut, of a quart of the circumference.

These cuts are made to match the best all components in the areas of fastening.

Step 4: We Have the Kit!

good...now....the kit is ready!!!

MIRIAM...now your work start!!! :)

to help the assembly we have labeled and identified with a letter all the pieces...

if you want to follow the directions here is a list of how the pieces were renamed:


• 10 cm length: M, I, O, G, E

• 15 cm length: L
• 20 cm length: A, D, H, C
• 30 cm length: B, F
• 75 cm length: N


• 9 cm length: I1, M1
• 30 cm length: B1
• 19 cm length: D1, H1
• 4,5 cm length:L1
• 6.5 cm length:L2

In the kit there are also 16 screws (14 are necessary, 2 are in case someone lose something! :D )

Step 5: Start the Assembly: the Lower Part

for assembly the lower part you need the following materials:

• WOOD: pieces: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H
• FOAM: pieces: B1,D1,H1
• Nr. of SCREWS: 8

if you set the pieces like the first photo, and do every step shown in the following picture...it will be really easy!! XD

Step 6: The Upper Part

for assembly the upper part you need the following materials:

• WOOD: pieces: I,L,M,N,O
• FOAM: pieces: I1,M1,L1,L2
• Nr. of SCREWS: 5

Like the previous step...if you set the pieces like the first photo, and do every step shown in the following picture...it will be really easy!! XP

Step 7: Final Assembly

Finally, using the last screw you can fix the upper part to the lower.

We suggest you to fix the vertical part touching the floor in the lower zone, in this way you will have more stability, without lose the functionality of the stand.

Step 8: Finish!

So, it is finished!!

We hope you enjoy the instructable, sorry if the step aren't written very well, english is not our first language...and it's our first instructable!

If you like this inscrutable please leave a comment!

But, to close in the right way we have to say another time:


Pierre e Ste :D

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