Wood Log Shooting Backstop

Me and my brother made this simple backstop on our fathers land. It was easy to make and we shot a random assortment of handguns, .223 30/30 and other randoms lol they were cut fresh so they were pretty solid and the support pole's were 3 feet in the ground. We had to of shot 2000 rounds that day doing lane runs lol

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    6 years ago

    Just want to say don't use hardwood, a large bullet will ricochet when the wood dries. I've been there, was shooting a .357 into a couple of logs. Heard something solid hitting the house behind us looked and it was a compressed bullet. Always be careful and use a soft wood or cover the front in a shallow dirt pile.

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    Yikes, I hear ya there lol.......I have a separate pistol range, I never shoot at this wall with anything besides a rifle and never closer than 100 yards and its literally a mile in the woods lol. But you do bring a very valid point to the table I can see is a very important tip for all.....Thank you.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You still need a natural backstop, the gaps in the between the logs would allow rounds to pass through. Just in the first pic I can see some pretty big gaps.

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    That is just a solid to shoot at. and behind that in the thick no more than 70 more yards is a steep hill up to a second flat and 400 acres of privately owned land behind that. with our multi generation military family down to my mom we shoot no other way than safe.. I think it is also safe to say that anyone who is shooting a gun should be responsibly enough to know the difference between safe and not safe shooting. Safety first gun owners!


    Wasn't trying to trash your idea, just wanted to point it out. Glad to hear you've got a natural back stop! I just scored about 30 free bowling pins from a local bowling alley, guess I'll be spending tomorrow rigging up spinning pin targets :)


    I got yea, I feel lucky to have a place these days to even shoot with no issues lol we just hung a few water jugs today actually for my buddy's Saige 12 but bowling pins would be amazing lol. We spent about 3 hours today drilling rivets out for a new trigger assembly new trigger guard with ergonomic pistol grip pull out/folding stock ,folding for-grip new door breach,full front quad-rail and bi-pod. and at first the bi-pod seemed strange on a shotgun but proven to be very nice for shooting slugs in prone. I was very impressed with the outcome and with the weight it really didn't kick anything like expected. I should have taken pictures of the steps it was a lot more involved then I had foreseen. it took a lot of drilling and fabricating of small parts to convert the mag well, trigger assembly /guard and a lot of cutting on the stock itself but was a fun project. I want bowling pins! lol