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Introduction: Wooden Geodes

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These small decorative wooden geodes are a super cute way to brighten up small spaces in your home. I made these guys a while back to fit in the spaces between my books and plants in the shelves around our living room.

I made these with paints and scrap wood that were just lying around the shop. In this instructable, I will show you how I made these in less than an hour! Woo-hoo for colorful quick projects!

Tools and Materials used in this build:

  • Scrap 2x4
  • Pencil
  • Band Saw
  • Belt Sander
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint

Step 1: Harvesting Scrap

The scrap bin around Pier 9 can occasionally house treats and treasures. On this particular day, I found mostly rubbish, but one small promising left over 2x4 - I marked it up with a pencil, and prepared to cut it on the bandsaw.

Step 2: Cutting Down the Chunks

I used a vertical bandsaw, and the proper PPE, to cut down all the shapes.

Step 3: Shaping With a Belt Sander

The chunks were super fun to shape with belt sander. I made sure the resting-place of the belt sander was well waxed so I could quickly move the wooden chunks around to give them more geometry. I tried to put at least ten facets on each wooden block.

Step 4: Paint!

We had all kinds of paint in a drawer labeled 'paint and stuff' - it was fun to brush on all different kinds of colors and enamels to see how it looked. The thinner enamels left a glossy stain, while the acrylics dried with a more opaque luster finish.

It was fun to play with palette too, I found myself drawn to bright neons with soft pastels.

Step 5: Display!

The finished product looked super cute and are great pops of color all over the house!

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    10 Discussions

    Love it, thank you. It was exactly the quick project I needed to save me from endless technical grief my computer is giving me. I shall paint it tonight!

    2 replies

    Thank you very much, that's very nice of you. I've made a bunch more, painted a few, but sanded it off again. I like the woodgrain too much. I've left them on the dining room table and without fail someone always starts playing with them - normally trying to stack them in crazy balances. Love em.

    I recently saw an i'ble that used similar shapes to create a stacking game.

    This is a neat and creative idea. You can also try to 'replicate' actual jewelry cuts of stones to make huge diamond shaped blocks. (Princess cut, asscher, marquie, radiant, etc)

    Great way to reuse scrap! I'm excited to try this out.

    Love the bright colors! Nice project!