Wooden IPad 2 Case

Introduction: Wooden IPad 2 Case

This is a step by step guide to manufacturing a case for your Ipad 2 using 1/8" plywood and an industrial CO2 laser (in conjuction with Autodesk Inventer)

- 12"x24" sheets of plywood (2)
- Industrial CO2 laser
- Computer with autodesk Inventor and corel (Interface with laser)
- 1/4" magnets (5)
- elmer's glue (for thje magnets)
- wood glue (to hold the case together)
- clamps (to hold peices together while te glue dries)
- Cardboard for prototyping (optional)

Step 1: Create Drawing Files

Using Autodesk Inventor create the drawing files. Use the dimensions included in the pictures

-we used magnets as a latching machanism for the case
- make sure that the magnets are aligned
- also it is optional to include a magnate on the outer cover tat takes advantage of the i pad's locking mechanism, it will lock the ipad when you close the case

Step 2: Laser in Cardboard (optional)

you can test to see if your sizes are correct by printing your project in cardboard.

Step 3: Cut Final Project

-Take the .idw files and save a copy as .dxf
-Send these files to corell and position the drawings

-test different cutting powers to see which will cut your material the best
-use weights to hold down the wood so that the laser cuts evenly

Step 4: Sand Final Project

use coarse grit sandpaper to remove burn marks from your project

Step 5: Glue Parts

Apply glue to the inside of joints and assemble the case. Use clamps to hold the parts together tightly while the glue dries.

Step 6: Enjoy

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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Is the dxf file available?


    1 year ago

    bonjour ou est le DXF ou le idw merci


    6 years ago on Introduction

    please share a dxf file my students would love to have a wooden iPad case


    I love kerf bending soooooo much. this looks great. thank you fr the share.