Wooden Laser Cut Tape Dispenser




Introduction: Wooden Laser Cut Tape Dispenser

I wanted a clean looking tape dispenser, so I thought I'd have a try making one. I laser cut the wood at Techshop.


Step 1: Cut and Stain

I designed the files in CAD first, then exported a DXF file to cut in Corel Draw.

The pieces were cut using an Epilog Laser cutter.

I stained the wood to give it some color.

Step 2: Frame

Once the pieces were dried and ready, I glued the frame together.

The wood glue has a good amount of time before it sets. Once all the frame was glued, I used the base to position it flush on the edges and let dry. Once it was dry, I glued the base on.

Step 3: Spindle

I cut out 4 circular pieces and glued them together. I had fun with the design on the spindle!

I cut a piece of dowel and glued that to the pieces.

Last was the metal piece to act as the tape cutter. I cut this out from an old foil enclosure. I ripped that out and cut it to size. Glue it on!

Load up your tape and your ready to go!

So, I was focused a bit too much on the clean look of the tape dispenser. I realized after that I needed space for your finger to pick up the tape. Next revision, I'll probably put a dip on one side to allow your finger to go under the tape.

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