Wooden Phone Case




Introduction: Wooden Phone Case

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Have you ever wanted to create a custom iPod/iPhone case? I came across a video showing how to make an iPad mini case meant for use as a cash register (by I Like To Make Stuff) and thought of making a more mobile version for a smaller device.

Step 1: Video

Step 2: Make Reference Drawing

For this project, I modeled the case after the iPod touch 4th gen. I grabbed some basic tools and made a detailed drawing of the iPod and what I wanted the case to look like (it turned out a little different). I used this drawing during the project to get measurements and what-not. You could also design this in CAD, if you are good at that.

Step 3: Cutting Wood

I used pine for this case, because it was what I had on hand, but a hardwood would be much better. I used my chop saw to cut some really small slices off of a large chunk. Then I traced the thickness for the walls using the iPod, and cut out the strips.

Step 4: Gluing

Once all the pieces were cut, I used four spring clamps and let it dry for a couple hours. I ended up leaving my iPod in the middle while gluing, just so that the fit was sure to be perfect.

Step 5: Cutting

Once the glue was dry, I took out the iPod, and used my band saw to trim the edges flush with each other. Then I used my picture that I drew earlier to mark out where to cut on another piece of thin pine, but before I cut it out, I drilled the hole for the front facing camera.

Step 6: Faceplate

To finish the face plate, I used the band saw to cut out the inner rectangle, which left a small line at the bottom that I later glued together again. I used a thin blade to get the tight corners and curves inside. Then I used a pencil to mark where to drill holes for the four small screws. Be careful when drilling wood this small as it cracks easily.

Step 7: Assembling

Once the face plate was finished, I used some small screws to hold all the layers together. Then I drew faint curves on the corners and cut them out on the band saw. After that was done, I sanded everything with an orbital sander to round and smooth the corners and edges.

Step 8: Finishing

To seal the case, I used a wood stain to darken the wood and then multiple coats of polyurethane varnish with a light sanding in-between coats. This way the wood is protected from moisture from your hands as well as stains. Once it was all dry, I put my iPod inside and screwed it together. Finished! This project only took a couple of hours (not counting drying time). I used lots of power tools in the building of this, but if you needed to, you could get by with only a drill and some various saws.



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hi, first of all, you've made a really really good job, i'll give you a little advice (idk if you did it on porpouse) but in the holes that you make to put the screws in you can use a drill a bit bigger than the size of the head of the screw (not all the way ofcourse) in order to make the head fit in that space, this leaves you with a smooth surface and a really stilysh finish, greets from Argentina, sorry for my bad english

That's a pretty big case... But good job it's pretty cool how you can make a phone/iPod etc case out of wood. Good job!

A lot of them were my dad's - others from passed relatives. A lot were used and bought at garage sales.

Seems a bit much... COOOL!!!

Anyone have any idea how much all those tools together cost?

ghee were those actual tools I saw ??? not a cnc/lasercutter/3 d printer in sight......are you sure you are allowed to post stuff like this.


absolutely amazing! best part is you didn't use laser cutters! great work

I can see Betty rubble loving this..

Thanks! You are a really big inspiration to me!

Thank you!