Wooden Phone Holder and Charging Station

Introduction: Wooden Phone Holder and Charging Station

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this is built for any phone. if you are designing this for a tablet for example an ipad, follow step 2 but move the slots 3cm left. this changes to allow the centre of gravity to be in the centre of the holder.

you will need:

- any type of wood that's 50mm high. you can sandwich two pieces together if it isn't 50mm in height.

- (if sandwiching together, use PVA or another wood glue).

- a coping saw

- a rectangular file

- sand paper

- oil and a brush

- drill and 7mm drill bit. (you need a circular saw bit)

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Step 1: Cutting the Slots

using a ruler, mark a square onto a piece of wood that is 50mm high. use a band saw, coping saw, table saw or tenon saw to cut out the block. draw a circle with a diameter of 90mm.

use the x method to find the centre and insert into a pillar drill vice. insert a 64mm circular bit and drill down.

when this I done, use a saw to cut the second circle.

chamfer the edges so there is a thickness of 10mm on the top. the chamfer should start 2.5 from the top. use a file or coping saw.

mark on 7.5mm both away from the diameter so you have a 15mm gap on both sides of the hole cut. use the picture if not sure.

use a coping saw to cut two slits 15mm deep.

Step 2: Smoothing

this bit is probably going to take much longer then the other steps.

use a file and sand paper to get the best finish you can and make sure you also remember to do the bottom.

Step 3: Finishings

when the surface is very smooth and you are sure you are finished. pour some oil into a cup and use a brush to apply the oil onto the surface.

use a brush to apply the oil smoothly and evenly. wait until the oil dries and then add another coat if you want.

Step 4: DONEEE

congratulations!!! you have completed this project. follow and like for more projects.

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