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This was a crazy fun and simple project. I didn’t know how useful a pizza paddle was until we had one in the kitchen. We generally cook our pizza right on the oven grill so having a pizza peel available to pull the pizza from the oven is very useful.

Step 1: Picking Out Wood

I went to my local hardwood dealer and picked out some 1/2” stock. This will save me time from planing down thicker stock on my planer.

Step 2: Mahogany and Hickory Wood

I found some nice mahogany that I’ll use for the center and hickory for the outer edges.

Step 3: Crosscutting at the Mitersaw

You’ll begin by cross cutting two outside pieces (hickory) to roughly 15" and one middle piece (mahogany) to roughly 30"

Step 4: Clamp and Glue

Clamp and glue everything together and try to keep all the pieces level and in line. I’m using spring clamps on the joints for proper alignment

Step 5: Draw Large Circle

Next you’ll want to draw a large circle. I’m using a 14.5" pizza pan from my kitchen.

Step 6: Blend the Lines

Now you’ll draw the handle and blend the lines. The handle width for my pizza peel is 1 3/4”.

Step 7: Pizza Peel Handle

At the end of the handle you’ll draw another circle. I found the base of a spray paint can to be the perfect size. Again you’ll want to blend the circle into the handle lines. The total length of the pizza peel should be about 28"

Step 8: Cut Out the Shape

Now you can take the piece over to the bandsaw and cut out the shape. I like to cut as close to the line as I can without touching it. I’ll then finalize the shape in the next steps.

Step 9: Sand to the Line

You can then take your rough shape over to the disc sander and sand down to the lines. For the handle and curves you’ll need to use a spindle sander or sand and file by hand.

Step 10: Beef Up the Handle

To beef up the handle you can thicken it up with another piece of mahogany. Here I’m using a piece that’s 1/4" thick and tracing the handle onto it.

Step 11: Back to the Bandsaw

And then back over to the bandsaw to cut out the shape. Again you’ll want to cut close to the line without touching it.

Step 12: Shaping the Handle

Next you’ll draw a curve that’ll blend into the main part of the pizza peel. And back over to the bandsaw to cut it out.

Step 13: Bevel and Blend

Now you can file down a bevel that’ll blend into the pizza area of the pizza peel. I’m using a Dremel tool to remove the wood. I would suggest not using a router as the corner pieces are too fragile.

Step 14: Glue and Clamp

Next you can clamp and glue the piece to the handle.

Step 15: Sand and Flush

Once the glue dries you can sand everything flush on the spindle sander or with a file and sandpaper.

Step 16: Draw the Wedge

For the front of the pizza peel we want to cut a bevel that’ll allow the pizza peel to easily slide under a pizza. In the photo I’m just free hand drawing where that bevel should end.

Step 17: Create the Bevel

Next you can file or sand away the wood to create a nice front wedge. This was quickly done with a belt sander and some 80 grit sandpaper.

Step 18: Round Over Handle

For the handle I’m using a 3/4" round over bit in my router table to round over the edges. I’m only rounding over the top (face) of the handle. The bottom of the handle and the pizza area will have a much smaller round over and we’ll use a random orbit sander for that.

Step 19: Drilling the Handle Hole

Next you can drill a 1" hole in the handle so you can hang and display your pizza peel in the kitchen.

Step 20: Sanding and Blending

Now you can sand everything up to 220 grit. I use the random orbit sander to blend all the curves and round over any edges.

Step 21: Finishing

For a finish I’m using a heavy coat of food grade mineral oil. Once the mineral oil has had time to soak in I’ll then melt some paraffin wax and mix in mineral oil to about a 50/50 mix and apply it to the pizza peel. Once the wax cures you can then buff away a nice protective coat.

Step 22: And That's It!

And that's it! Be sure to watch the video for extra tips and details!



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    1 year ago

    Thanks for the tips. Pretty excited to use this.


    1 year ago

    My peel turned out a little differently because I preferred a different shape than a circle, but using some offcuts and scraps turned out well, I think. Thanks for the plans!


    2 years ago

    Excellent work!


    3 years ago

    Gorgeous! Nice job, beautiful project, great Instructable.


    3 years ago

    That's a really nice project, great work


    3 years ago

    Nice pizza paddle! Did you recommend "raising the grain" before applying the stain?

    2 replies
    Make Something TVDylanD581

    Reply 3 years ago

    I recommend raising the grain before applying the oil. Otherwise that smooth surface will be gone the first time you wash it. Thanks!!

    Make Something TVDylanD581

    Reply 3 years ago

    I recommend raising the grain before applying the oil. Otherwise that smooth surface will be gone the first time you wash it. Thanks!!


    3 years ago

    Oh I'm gonna try this, for my next backyard pizza oven


    3 years ago

    My next project!