Wooden Puzzle Box


Introduction: Wooden Puzzle Box

a simple puzzle box that i made in school

Step 1: The Box

This box was made 6 years ago from something i saw on the internet whit no blueprint so i can't show how it was made. there is also a missing pin in the bottom left of the flower.

Step 2: The Compartment

this part was made by putting the 4 sides togheter with a sig sag patern thats is almost invisible.

and the bottom is just hammerd on whit small nails.

Step 3: The Top

the top is made of two layers where one part of the top layer is glued on( the right part on the first pic).

there is two drilled out holes that ned to be on the same place on both layers.

the two blocks inside is there becaus i made this from what i remebered and so i neded something that holds the top of the box.

do comment if you want to know something else.



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