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Introduction: Wooden Garden Fountain

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For some time I was thinking of adding a water feature to my garden. I would have loved to make a small pond. Due to the kids & safety, the pond idea was not realized.

Instead I made a raised fountain.

Materials used:

5 x 10 cm wall studs, each cut ~40 cm length (30 degrees angle). 36 such pieces needed. The fountain "box" is made out of 6 layers.

Wooden pieces themselves are interconnected using simple screws.

Time: ~ 1 day. Nice weekend project.

Missing: one or two decorative lizards/geckos. I think geckos climbing on the side/enjoying the stream would look good. Sadly, can not find any decorative lizard figurines around here.

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Step 1: Structure of the Fountain

Below is the drawing of fountain's inner structure.

Water pump is placed inside a medium size plastic flowerpot. A bucket would do nice as well.

Inside the flowerpot, some bricks are placed to raise the pump up to the required level.

Wooden supports are fixed on the sides to hold a layer of planks that hold all the top decorations. This plank layer has a hole in the middle. Through it, pump pipe and nozzle emerges, as well as the water passes down.

On top of the holding planks I laid a sheet of plastic (120 microns thick) and simply pulled some of it through the hole. Stapled the sides of it with a staple gun. This whole plastic thing started acting as a sink - collecting water inside and draining it straight to the flowerpot below. Leave the plastic sleeve a bit longer. If the "sleeve" is too short, water spills to the ground and not into the pot.

Decorative items hide this plastic sheet.

Step 2: Decorating the Top of Fountain

I decorated the top with pebbles and a stone wheel.

Stone wheel originally was a grain grinding device. Two such stones were placed on top of one another and grains were poured into the gap between them through the top. By turning the top wheel, grain got grinned and flour fell from the sides.

Decorative pebbles came from local gardening shopping center.

Paint color is "oak".

Step 3: Wooden Garden Fountain: Final Result

This fountain added some calming noise to my garden, and looks good too.

Be bottom get bit dirty during the rain due to dirt splash.

The pump came with 6 meter electrical cord which is really handy. This way I do not need any electrical outlet outside of the house.

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    2 years ago

    You can use stodoys, it has the best handbooks and ready instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.


    6 years ago

    Really nice piece, should add mulch to the ground around it to prevent splashing dirt on it.