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Introduction: Workbench in Closet

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I built this workbench because my backroom went from being just a workroom to a workroom and a laundry room. So I had to build a new workbench. This workbench had been on my mind for a while because I thought that I was under utilizing my closet. Before I built my bench the closet had some old metal baskets in their as shelves and no real organization otherwise. My old bench was a 5' x 3' table top with a 2"x4" frame holding it up. As you may have figured out that this is an over sized "floating" shelf.

Step 1: Frame

I built the frame using the 2"x4"s I had from taking my old bench apart. I started by screwing the 2"x4"s into studs in my wall around the closet. Then I added some cross bracing for stability. Throughout this step I used 3 inch drywall screws to put everything together.

Step 2: Top

After I built the frame I used some 1/2" OSB for the top of the workbench that I got from my dad's shed. Since they were already cut into 2' by 4' pieces they fit right into the closet. Then I cut some of the plywood for the front of the workbench.

Step 3: Finished Workbench

This is my finished workbench. As you have probably seen from some previous pictures that I put my pegboard up and hung my tools before I finished the bench top.



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    Very nice. I like the effective use of space. BTW, you're using particle board not plywood, right?

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    Good basic 'ible :) The wood that you used for the top is called Oriented Strand Board or OSB though, not plywood. OSB is a good material, but it is not very water resistant. If you will use such a top for anything that might get wet it would be a good idea to paint/seal it, or perhaps put something like shelf paper over it to help resist moisture. It also would make the surface more smooth.

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    Thanks, I changed it to OSB in the instructable. I just have a piece of spare plexiglass screwed on the main part of the workbench and because I added power to the workbench I don't keep anything liguid on there.

    Inspires me to organize and hang my tools now. Thanks for the idea!

    my mentor in electronics is some about 80 y.o and has his lab in his closet....its very good when there's no space