Worlds Simplest LED Light!




This is my first instructable with a really bad camera so don't judge to hard.

Thanks, hope this inspires you to make this and do more with what i showed.

Step 1: Matierials

1. LED's (bought 20 from radio shack)

2. Watch batteries (2 from radio shack)

3. Masking tape (I hope you know were to get tape)

Step 2: Assembling LED and Battery

1. Take the shorter side of the wire on the LED and put it on the (-) side of the battery and the longer on the (+) side

2. Bend the shorter side upwards into a v shape

3. Bend the longer side so it doesn't touch the battery

4. Slide the LED as far as in you can on the battery

Step 3: Taping

1. On the (-) side of the battery put an approximate 2 inch piece of tape

2. Fold the tape under the longer side of the battery

3. Put and approximate 1/2x2 cm piece of tape on the longer side of the LED but don't cover the end

4. scrape the tape from below the tip of the long side of the LED (forgot to take a picture of that)

Step 4: Finished!

Congratulations you made the worlds simplest LED light!

Have fun with it!



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    john mosier

    5 years ago on Introduction

    sorry about the blurry pictures. ask away for questions and please show your finished product if you make one