Wrist Rocket Slingshot

Introduction: Wrist Rocket Slingshot

About: I love to build model weapons and anything out of wood. I also love electronics.

what did you make? I made a wrist rocket slingshot. This slingshot is for play only and would never use it for hunting. when the would goes on your wrist all the tension Is on your wrist so your hand does not have to have all the weight. I made this slingshot out of dowel rod, duct tape, rubber, nails, screws. I used a hammer, drill, saw. 

how did you make it?    I made this this project because I always wanted to make a slingshot but I have never had the time because of school. I ended up doing it anyways. I got this idea of a Daisy wrist rocket slingshot my dad got for me. I always wanted to make one. I made this entirety on my own without anyone helping me. I kinda went off the top of my mind while making it.                                                                                                                    were did you make it? I made this slingshot in my basement at home. this slingshot relates to me because I love to do all sorts of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and other things.                           what did you learn? I had many setbacks while making this. I had to wait about a week for the rubber tubing to come in. after I got it I realized I needed flatbands, so I had to use eye hooks and drill them into the wood. luckily none of the wood broke. If I rebuilt this project I would try to use more metal or try to make the wood sturdier. I would use flatbands instead of tubing. thank you!       shingvv 

Step 1: Forks

Step 2: Part One of Building

Step 3: Screws

Step 4: More Screws

Step 5: Drilling

Step 6: Putting Wood for the Forks to Go In

Step 7: Putting Forks In

Step 8: Securing

Step 9: The Rubber and Pouch

Step 10: Tying on the Rubber

Step 11: Wrist Rocket Rubber Part

Step 12: We're Done!

Thank you

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well, it depends on the ammo. I made these little slingshot pellets out of hot glue and it can go probably I'm guessing close to 100 feet