Writing Meaningful Poems




Introduction: Writing Meaningful Poems

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Have you been writing poetry and not really been getting a meaningful message compared to how you really feel? Get a journal/diary or put filler paper into a folder/binder

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Step 1: Graphic Organizers

I want you to think about something that you can relate to. Get detailed. Since you're just jotting ideas and not doing the rough draft yet, make a web. (Graphic organizer) make the web as big as needed.

Step 2: Look Up Terminology

Plan your rhyme scheme, meter, rhythm, and syllable count. I suggest looking up the literary terms for such details. Each of these should enhance your chance to convey your message or ideas at a pace and keep it interesting for your mood set. I choose my form as I plan. My usual structure is the Terza Rima. However, every time I do write a poem, I always find a way to mix it up and learn.

Step 3: The Poem

The Beginning- You want to build up your energy in this part of the poetic body as well as introducing the topic. The middle body is every body (not usually more than 3) that hits the energy ball out of the park. (Metaphorically what it should do.) The next part of the poem is the bridge. Kind of like the bridge of a song. You can change part or all of the structure here. (No more than three of these, these can help or hinder your poem) this comes after the middle body and transitions a verse to another verse to change the energy. (Go back to your regular structure after this part of the structure.) The ending can be simple, doesn't mean that it is. Slow down the poem or make it an explosive ending.

Step 4: Proof Read

Go over what you wrote. Just walk away for the day and come back tomorrow. If you do so now, you could affect the poem and mess up, possibly even more so than just coming back to it. Make sure to read with something to mark your place. Read very slowly. If needed, read again.

Step 5: Share

For this one, I will use a poem from my own writing from wattpad. Join any online or local creative writing community. I thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe you might want to. This poem is over a year old. (Maybe 2 even) I have been writing poetry for 6 years now. Be proud of your origins. Stand tall and hold you head high. Do not let anyone rip it from you. The last line is "Cos' you know I should've won.

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    4 years ago

    Well done. I live in the same town!


    4 years ago

    Neat instructable.