Writing a Movie Review




Introduction: Writing a Movie Review

Writing a movie review can be a fun exercise that can also let other people know your opinion of the movie. If have friends or family with children it can also be a way of letting them know whether the movie is suitable for them. To write a movie review you need something to write with like a computer or pen and paper and a way to distribute it once you have finished it such as a website or blog. You can write a review for a movie you recently watched in a theatre or on DVD and it does not matter whether it is a new or old movie, though reviews for newer movies often attract more attention.

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Step 1: Write Down Initial Thoughts

Before writing your review you should write down your intial reaction to the movie. This can cover everything from the performances to the story and visual effects. This way you have your ideas on paper in case there is a significant amount of time between when you watch the movie and when you write the review.

Step 2: Create an Outline

Outlining the review will help you decide what order the information will be presented in. First, include a brief synopsis of the movie, hitting key points without giving any spoilers. Second, write about the actor's performances in the play and what stuck out to you. Third, write about the plot, specifically its strengths and weaknesses and whether it was well-paced or not. Fourth, write about the content of the movie including topics such as violence and swearing as well as whether it was family-friendly or not. Finally, write a conclusion with your overall thoughts of the movie including whether or not you would recommend it to anyone.

Step 3: Write a Title for the Review

The title should be catchy and can either play off a quote from the movie or the title of the movie. Make sure the title makes it clear what movie is being reviewed for the benefit of the audience.

Step 4: Write the Synopsis

The synopsis of the movie should be brief and include at least the basic setup of the movie. Be sure to include the main character's names. A synopsis should be no longer than 3-4 sentences.

Step 5: The Characters

Write about the performances by the actors, specifically talking about the main characters. Include what stood out to you, both good and bad, devoting a brief description to each actor. Another option is to list each actor then allot a sentence to discussing their contribution to the movie. A length of 3-4 sentences is adequate, though it can be longer depending on the number of actors discussed.

Step 6: The Story

Write about the film's story. Talk about what worked and what didn't, as well as whether it held up as a feature length movie or not. This should act as a follow up to the movie synopsis that started the review. Depending on the quality of the movie’s plot, this section can be anywhere from four sentences to two paragraphs. However, do not spend too much time on this section.

Step 7: The Film's Content

Write about the type of content the film contained. Discuss whether there was a lot of violence, nudity or swearing without giving exact numbers or details. You can say more with a more concise comment than with a full paragraph. Also state whether the movie is family-friendly or not, as parents may read a movie review before deciding whether it is appropriate for their child. The length of this section depends on the amount of content you want to talk about, though it is best to keep it to one 4-5 sentence paragraph.

Step 8: Conclusion

Give your opinion on the movie, citing examples from previous sections in the review. End the review by stating whether or not you would recommend it to anyone. This section should be no longer than a paragraph. One sentence summarizing each section is enough.

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