My Xbox Psu Mod

Introduction: My Xbox Psu Mod

So... This is not so much a tutorial as I already made it and I never thought to take pics while I was building it, but thought I'd share my take on so many of these tutorials that are already out there.

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Step 1: My Reason for Building It This Way

I originally did this setup, well almost this setup, for modding the Xbox 360.
I often did this onsite especially for my friends and needed a way to power the drive and my CK3i. So it was easier for me to take this with me and use the psu from their Xbox

Step 2: How I Built It

My first one was just the connector and the molex soldered together with the switch to turn it on and off held together the hot glue. I had it chucked away in a corner for about a year as I don't mess with modding Xbox's any more.

Then I got a IMAX B6 mini and needed a way to power it.

Originally I planed to make a power supply for it using a pc psu but didn't have any on hand, then I remembered that the Xbox psu pushes out like 16A so I modified my crude setup and put it in the case of an old hp inkjet printer psu that I cracked open and removed the internals. It was a 32v but only 360mA, so was of no use to me.
I added binding plugs to the case and soldered the 12V and ground lines to it, before sending the wires out, to clip the power for the charger and still kept the molex just incase I need to power anything else

Step 3: Setup

From the diagram of the connector you see, I soldered the 3 pins for the (12V) together and to the positive binding post (red) and then to to (yellow) wire of the molex connector.

I did the same with the 3 (ground) to the negative (black) binding post and then to the (black) wires of the molex.

The (5V) and (power enable) pins were connected to the switch and then to the (red) wire of the molex connector *same side as the power enable* so that the 5v is only present on the molex connector when it's switch on.

So there you have it!!! I have 12v at the binding post and 12&5v at the molex connectors. Hope it was helpful or just inspiring for you to go out and do what works best for you.

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    2 Discussions

    Kendrew Blades
    Kendrew Blades

    5 years ago

    Its so you can use your xbox 360's power supply to power a device that uses molex connection. (In my case the CK3i) and has a 12v binding post connection (I use it to power a IMAX b6 mini to charge my lipo batteries)

    The xbox 360 psu is a high amp power supply.