Xiaomi Miband Neck Holder



MiBand on neck for Free!!

Step 1: Graffetta

All you need: a paper clip!

Step 2: Work..

Do you have a Xiaomi Miband and you are fed up to take him on the wrist? You find in the settings of the "wearing neck" but do not know how to wear it? You searched for a sheath Miband to put the neck and you have not found (or just do not want to wait that arrivals from China or do not want to spend money)? No problem! just a paperclip and a pair of pliers to thin tips (in Italian calls nosed pliers) and you're done! Simply cut a piece do staple and fold around the aluminum part of the Miband (by passing it in the recess that is between the plastic and aluminum on the top) so as to lock it and creating a small ring at the top in which pass a necklace or a snare and you will have your pendant Miband neck like that made by me !!



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