Xpider Fatty -- the Smallest Smart Robot Spider in the World




The Xpider project is the smallest smart robot spider in the world. It used Intel Edison platform which is a tiny pc. It contains some cool functions. For example, it can be controlled by your mobile phone, it has the camera, can make you watch through the FPV view on the robot, thus you will know what your pets seen. And also the camera can be used for computer vision to recognize some simple geometric pictures even human face.

And I embedded a graphical programming tool in the Edison platform. So you can program this robot yourself. The most funny thing is that you can train this small robot by some simple neural network algorithm. That make you can custom the only one Xipder for yourself. The main parts of Xpider were printed by 3D printer, PLA material. and the attached file is the stl file for all the printed parts. Please feel free to download it and make your own Xpider

And this version is a opensource version of our robot. The final version will crowdfunding soon, please support us by liking the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/smallxpider/

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Step 1: Bom List

BOM list:

1. 3D printed Parts.

2. M2*5, M2*8, M2*10 screws and some nuts.

3. Intel Edison (buy) *1

4. small camera (any small USB camera (light enough), driver free, with UVC class) *1

5. N20 motors 310RPM w/Encoder (buy) *1

6. N20 motors 270RPM wo/Encoder (buy) *1

7. 9G servo (buy) *1

8. micro motor driver (buy) *1

3D print tips
All the stl file were attached in zip file. When you unarchive the zip file, you maybe find the file name end with number.

Looking at the file name, if the file name contained "*3", that means this part should be printed 3 times. If the file name contained "need mirror", that means this part should be printed 2 times, and one should be a mirror part of another.

Step 2:

This is my main tool. since I can't find a M2 allen wrench head for this Bosch screwdriver, I cut off a M2 allen wrench, and insert it into the screwdriver. Lol...

notice the front side and the back size of the Leg A. Because the screws were axis for the Joint, these holes should be extended by a 2.1mm drill, to make sure the screws can cross the hols easily.

Step 3:

connect Bottom and LegB, the screws should not be tight.

attach the Leg main part and Leg A parts. then attach the foot parts. Notice the difference between Foot A and Foot B, remeber to select a fit one.

attached Foot B to Bottom

Step 4:

attached the Leg C and Main Gear. Don't forget to extend the screw holes.

attached the main leg to Main gear. Notice that these three screws should not be tight.

notice the detail part

Step 5:

Attached all 6 feet, and this is back side view.

This is front side view.

Step 6:

Use the pillar to connect main gear and the bottom part like that:

Step 7:

since the transmission shaft is too long, We cut it to 4mm.

and This is the spinning structure.

Step 8:

connect two parts

Step 9:

Gear box part

combine them together.

Step 10:

Gearbox and frame

and Servo and Edison support

Step 11:

camera and camera shell, since maybe you use different camera, so feel free to use the glue.

now you will get your own Xpider.

And we will release the electronic part soon.

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    Question 12 months ago on Introduction

    I am new to this and using this to learn - my question is it seems as though the Intel Edison is no longer available, what can I use instead of it?

    Thank you in advance


    2 years ago

    hey jw about instructions for xpider balssy version ??? ive got the gcode files ready to print too

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    1.hola amigo me gustaría saber si tienes la electronica de xpider ballsy o esta es la misma


    2 years ago

    I hope you'll complete this tutorial someday, I really want to make one :(


    3 years ago

    Fantastic design, love the Xpider's scuttling motion and also looking forward to your Mark III. It might be my computer but some leg pieces and gears are missing from the above Zip file?


    3 years ago

    Whats that Edison mounted on? Is that a Raspberry Pi Plattform?


    3 years ago

    When u continue this instructable?
    Waiting since weeks =O


    3 years ago

    This is so cool! Let us know when you release the electronic part!


    3 years ago

    Technology has advanced so far in recent years. It's amazing that the human mind can design and create something so complex, and so amazing!


    3 years ago

    This is fantastic.