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I bought yarns to learn how to crochet and knit but it didn't work that way! I think I'm too lazy for crocheting and knitting. But the yarns had to be useful so I though of doing some yarn art. I've seen fiber art, yarn art before but didn't know much about it. I had fun doing yarn art and loved how they turned out :)

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make yarn art you'll need:

1) Yarns (different colors),
2) White paper,
3) White glue or hot glue (I used white glue),
4) Cotton swab (for applying glue on paper),
5) Scissor,
6) Pen or pencil.

Step 2: Basics

If you're not familiar with yarn art then you should try out these easy shapes or patterns. Once you get handy with these patterns you can do yarn art easily and create different designs.
I've selected 9 different (easy) shapes for yarn art, I hope the step-by-step tutorial is helpful.

I used white glue for sticking the yarn on paper and cotton swab for applying glue on paper (over the design).

*Don't apply glue over the whole paper at once. Apply glue only on the pattern on which you'll be sticking yarn and after completing   that pattern go for another one.

*Don't forget to carefully tap the glued yarn on paper with your finger to flatten it.

*Glue yarn from the middle or corner of any pattern.

*To create perfect corners you'll have to cut the yarn every time the yarn reaches a corner rather than folding the yarn (see triangle,     square, lens, tear drop...).

*To fill small blanks or patterns cut the yarn into small manageable pieces.

*Last but not the least, make sure the color combination is good.

In few easy words, all you need to do is- draw a design and stick yarn over the design :p
You may come up with your own technique for yarn art while you're working.

Step 3: Select a Design

Start your yarn art with a simple design.
Select a design for the art and draw it on a paper. It's easier to do yarn art once you draw the design on the paper and simply glue the yarn over the design.

These are the 3 designs I've drew for my yarn art.
Design-1 for yarn art-1,
Design-2 for yarn art-2,
Design-3 for yarn art-3.

Step 4: Yarn Art-1

Start with the basic shapes, like- circle, square, triangle, lens etc but in this design there's only circles.

After you're done sticking yarn over the circles go for the other patterns or design (I've done- flowers, leaves and swirly vines), 

After you complete the main design it's time to fill the blank areas. Stick yarn on the blank areas to make sure the white background is covered with yarn (see the last picture of this step). 
If it becomes difficult to fill the blank area by using a single yarn string then you should cut the yarn. To fill the small blank areas it's better to cut the yarn into small pieces and then glue them to fill the small blanks.

Follow the pictures of this step to see how I filled the flowers, leaves and blank area with yarn.

Step 5: Yarn Art-2

First I glued yarn over the basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, lens, tear drop).

Then I glued navy blue yarn over the paisley, zigzag, flower and waves to highlight them.

I filled the blank areas of this art with different colored yarns.
You won't be able to fill some particular patterns by using a single yarn string, in that case cut the yarn into small manageable pieces. I had to cut red yarn into small pieces to fill the flower.
Sticking yarn on the blank areas of this art was fun!

Step 6: Yarn Art-3

In this yarn art I used navy blue yarn to highlight the butterfly, circles and swirly vines.
Use the cotton swab to apply glue over the design and then carefully stick the yarn over the glue.
This design included small patterns so I had to cut the yarns into small manageable pieces.
I filled the blank areas like the previous ones.
This one's my fav! the butterfly turned out to be prettier than I thought!

I won't say yarn art is easy! but it's fun. It takes time but it's worth it, I promise! 

Enjoy! :)

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    I learned in fishing terms :
    Stab it,
    Strangle it from behind,
    Gut it, and
    Throw in off the cliff! :)

    I learned in fishing terms :
    Stab it,
    Strangle it from behind,
    Gut it, and
    Throw in off the cliff! :)