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One thing that I love about Instructables its that when you people launch a new Challenge / Contest, there is always a thing to do in my shop/ Backyard.

When you said Fix It Challenge I Said right on !!

This time I Fixed an old Desk that belonged to my father Then I used it My Older sons and now my 5 YO Son Jr.

But through the years abandoned in my garage now its time to refurbish such a lovely piece.

Step 1: Another One Bites the Rust.

When I finnally could freed the thing between a pile of rubbish, I did see that the seat was damaged and the whole thing was covered in rust. I stripped all the remaining paint with sand paper. I feel lucky cause there are no holes, just pure old style steel.

Step 2: Drop the Base.

Once it was clean and shinny, I apply primer and base, this time the base is gray. Once is dry i sanded with thin sand paper.

Step 3: Final Color

In my reamining paints from another projects, there was this beautiful light blue that goes perfectly with the wood. When its dry I apply a coat of clear varnish to protect the paint.

Step 4: Knock on Wood.

I apply clear varnish to the wood pieces and as the seat was broken, I decided to change it with a piece of acrylic and fix it with 4 bolts.

At first I tried to cut the acrylic with the electric Jig saw but it melted the acrylic, then I tried with my old hand saw and it was just perfect.

Step 5: Before / After

After 6 hours of work I finnally finished the task. I cant wait the look in my younger son's eyes. I'm sure he would love it. In ordr to comfot I like to put his little poncho in the seat.

What about you ? Do you like the final result ?

Let me know in the comments and share some love with a favorite, if you want to vote for the Fix It Contest , that would be great !



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    8 Discussions


    7 weeks ago on Introduction

    Such a remarkable transformation that would provide the new owner with a nice cozy place to read or work. The little storage space underneath makes it all even more practical without any additional needs for storage furniture like bookshelves or drawers. The dual purpose would most certainly be the main attraction of this masterpiece aside from its cute outlook.


    5 months ago

    Nice work It looks great ☺️

    Kink Jarfold

    5 months ago on Step 5

    Mr. S, you did a wonderful thing for your son. I'm sure he'll appreciate it for years to come. And at my age, I recall this type of desk. Only mine had an inkwell which was never filled with ink. KJ

    HIGH 10.jpg
    1 reply
    Mr.SanchezPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 5 months ago

    And my wife always fights me cause I bring home "rubbish". Now she is happy.

    Alex in NZ

    5 months ago

    That takes me back! Great job. I'm sure that it will be appreciated for many more years :-)

    1 reply
    Mr.SanchezAlex in NZ

    Reply 5 months ago

    Thanks, I hope so. This desk is in my family maybe since 50 years .