YouTube Your Images With YouTubeify

About: YouTube your Images with youTubeify! Instagram or Pinterest users can use our YouTube slide show maker to create a YouTube video directly from their images.

Intro: YouTube Your Images With YouTubeify

This instructable is for Instagram or Pinterest users who would like to make a YouTube slideshow directly from their images. There are just two basic steps to using our YouTube maker - pick your images and pick a slideshow style.

With youTubeify there is no need to upload or download Pin images, no need for a YouTube channel (we publish directly to, no video editing or audio editing software is needed and there is more than 50 different slide show styles to choose from. Images can be chosen either in groups or one at a time in ANY order you like. Click the image above to see a completed demo on YouTube. To get the youTubeify button please Register on and then click Install

Our technology: We use a browser add-on to let you choose the images you want. We use cloud computing for all the heavy lifting. If you want to learn more please google "youTubeify".

Step 1: Get the YT (YouTube) Maker Button - Click: INSTALL

Step 2: Open Your Instagram or Pinterest Board and Click the YT Button

Step 3: Hover and Click to Choose Any Group of 8 Images

Step 4: Finish by Clicking the YouTubeIt Button

Step 5: Optional: Write Your Own YouTube Title and Description

Step 6: Optional: Click the Dropdown for Other Image Group Sizes (8,16,24...128)

Step 7: Optional: Choose Images One by One by Clicking the Image Checkbox (choose Images in Any Order You Want Anywhere on Your Board)

Step 8: Optional: Choose From Over 50 Slideshow Styles (default Is Dissolve)

Step 9: Optional: Choose Any of the Music Options

Step 10: Optional: Click the "unlisted Video" Checkbox to Make Your Video Unlisted

Step 11: Optional: Click the "add Intro Slide" Checkbox to Add an Introduction Slide Using Your YouTube Title

Step 12: You Are Done!!! Once Your YouTube Video Is Ready an Email Will Be Sent to You!



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