A Simple Garden Gate





Introduction: A Simple Garden Gate

About: I am a Marine Engineer in the RNZN (39 years done in various navies) and am looking forward to retirement!!! so I can do more messing about with tools

An easy to build garden or paddock gate

Tools and Materials

Wood (I used approx 8 m of 100 x 40 decking)

50mm nails (about 60)



Coach Bolts (5)

Total cost about $55NZD

Chop Saw




Step 1: Cut the Wood

I first measured the gap that I wanted the gate in. My gap was 1100mm so I cut the 5 horizontals at 1050. As I have a standard fence I went for 900mm height (2 pieces)

Step 2: Nail It All Together

I marked both vertical pieces with the positions for the horizontal parts. I then fixed both ends with one nail and checked for square by measuring diagonals. Once square I nailed up from both sides

Special Bonus Ible, I rescued the seat pad and back pad from an old computer chair in a skip (dumpster) which I use as a kneeling pad (I am getting on and my knees aren't what they used to be!!) The seat bit (not shown) still has the armrests on which makes it easier to stand up after a prolonged weeding/working session

Step 3: Cross Brace

Measured and cut a cross brace diagonal and nailed in.

Step 4: Fit Hardware

Drilled and bolted on hinges and locking device

Step 5: Hung Gate

Drilled holes for pivots and screwed in ( using a spanner as shown makes this easier )

Step 6: Put Gate in Place

Checked it all fit. Have to get a large staple for the chain as didn't have one at home. Total time about 40minutes to make and install.

Step 7: Alternatives

I have made quite a few gates, this one is wider so I have vee braced it and also doubled up on the vertical pieces to make it stronger



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your brace is on the wrong way. needs to go from latch corner to bottom hinge so weight of the gate travels through the brace.

3 replies

Yea I know I realised when I hung it as but I wanted the grooves facing out and had already put the hinges on, but it is more as decoration/keeping the gate square, the gate is fairly light and only used for access occasionallty

Cool stuff! This could be really helpful for people in need of fences even farmers! Good job!

1 reply

Thanks, I have so far had to make 15 gates around the property so that we can manage the paddocks with the sheep, would have been expensive to buy.