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Introduction: Metal Heart

About: Since I was 6 years I have disassembled old video players and built them in to something new, to the joy and frustration of my parents! I was 13 when I got my first car and 14 when I got my second.

Do you have an old bike to toss? take off the chain and make it in to nice hearts! you can also make other figures / symbols 

Step 1: Finding Tools

this is what you need:
chain cuts
welding equipment (or glue)
(pilers, hammer: used to "assemble the chain", you can also use the chain cutter)

Step 2: Make the Chain Heart

cut the chain to the desired length (you decide, longer chain = more welding = bigger hart)
I recommend about 20 cm (or 8 inch)

Step 3: Welding

Mark the plases you want to weld. (or glue...) start welding! 
If you have a magnet, it can help you keep the shape of the heart, I don`t use magnet.


find a string or a rope so you can hang up the heart!



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    Yeah not a very complete instruction set there are no pictures of the welds etc......needs a little work.

    I'm guessing you welded the back side?

    This video is private.

    Sorry about that.

    This is really cool. I LOVE "upcycling" (no pun intended) and rusty things! Now to find an old bike chain.......I'm afraid we just tossed one (I hate it when I do that, THEN figure out something I could have done with it) I think DH has a chain saw chain that is broken.....I might need to take a look at it!

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    Great !! remember if you are going to put it on the wall it might be dirty (oil) so be shure to clean it first!!