Brake Pad Blade, Neck Knife(modify)





Introduction: Brake Pad Blade, Neck Knife(modify)

brake pad blade

use of sharpened steel lining up
heavy, heavy blade
possibly more pieces connect
I got a nice curve of the deposit due to the conversionI got a nice curve of the deposit due to the conversion

first goggles!! protective gloves!! dust mask!!

I kept my mouth shut in a vice, a chisel, a hammer knocked roughly
then sanded rough abrasives



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    I like your style, rugged but simple. Very cool! Have you seen my knives. Check them out. You may get some ideas! Thanks. Triumphman.

    I'm not sure how you removed the friction material from the pad, but cutting, grinding, or drilling, etc. them is a health hazard. Especially if they're old pads containing asbestos.

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    If they are anything like my last set of brake pads, you don't have to do ANYTHING to get the friction material off. Time, vibration, and rust had neatly separated the pad material from the backing plate.
    I suggest that a sharp wood chisel and hammer would work equally well, if the pad was not already loose.

    Good call mentioning the asbestos though. Old cars might still have that style, and who knows about what you'll find in 2nd and 3rd world nations.

    ok thx
    unfortunately, does not contain asbestos
    Banned 10 years ago, and since then creak, noisy brakes
    warranty problems
    I got so much so wrong

    but in this case, therefore no health risk
    Masks and eye protection used in older models